There will be several headings on the menu bar for this page.  One will be available to anyone who comes to the website and clicks on Women’s Ministries.  Additionally there will be three password protected pages.  One for the Adminstration Team, one for the Committee Members and one for the Local Church Directors. 

The Ad-team page will have agendas and minutes from the Ad-Team meetings as well as any information that I may need to share with them. 

The Committee page will have the agendas and minutes from the meetings as well as additional pages which may have the Table gifts pictures, diagram of the year’s pin, the choices for the “Burma Shave” poems, etc. etc.  Tentative agendas will be posted here in advance of the meetings along with the action items list.  Committee members will be able to access it at any time with the password and check on any or all of the above things.  The minutes of any particular meeting will be available a week after the committee meetings.

The Local Church Directors’s page will have things of interest to the Director’s as well as a PDF of the report form, so they can download it, print it off and send it in.  The IT Dept. tells me that within some months, the Director’s will actually be able to fill out the form online and submit it immediately at the push of a button.  What a wonderful thing – think of all the envelopes, paper and stamps it will save !!!