2012 Hope for Hurting Hearts Retreat Scheduled

by on December 6, 2011, under News

Do you know a woman that…

  • Has been sexually abused during childhood?
  • Memories from the past still trouble her life at present?
  • Maybe this experience still affects her relationship with others today?
  • Would like to acknowledge the fact that she is no longer a victim but a survivor
  • Is ready to be healed from her wounds?
  • Has been a victim of domestic violence in the past or at present?
  • Wants help to heal from this trauma and learn how to be safe?

If your answer is “yes” to any of the above questions, this retreat is for her

The dates for Hope for Hurting Hearts will be September 9-13 in English and September 27-30 in Spanish.  It is a small educational, supportive and   healing retreat The program is the concept of and was developed by Roberta Fish and Juanita Bartels and is a very effective program, utilizing many mediums of learning.  It begins on Thursday evening and concludes on Sunday at noon.  The retreat is heavily subsidized by the Department of Women’s Ministries and is all inclusive. Again the retreat will be held at Still Waters Lodge at Camp Kulaqua and space is limited.

The program facilitator is Annie Perez, RN, MS.  She was trained by Roberta and Juanita and is presently pursuing her Ph.D.

If you know someone who has suffered this trauma in childhood, please refer them to this website and encourage them to attend.   Confidentiality and anonymity will be strictly adhered to.

Event information can be found on the Event page and the application will soon be available for download there.

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