Welcome to the new “Web World” of Women’s Ministries. We are delighted to now have a place to display pictures, report on news and events that are happening in Women’s Ministries around the Conference. The calendar will keep you posted on all the Women’s Ministries events around the state. You can learn about the women who serve you as staff. You will find links to other sites that are related to Women’s Ministries in some way. Local church directors can access resources, download report forms and other resource materials and catch up on news and happenings. Check back often and keep up with what‘s going on in the world of Women’s Ministries here in Florida. 

What You Will Find Here

  • NEWS
    Reports of local church Women’s Ministries events submitted by anyone.
    Announcements and information about exciting programs and events in the near future.
    See videos and pictures.
    On this page, is where things that have happened; including various events at local churches, can be reported on by the local directors who actually conducted the event, or perhaps someone they have asked to write a report on the event. In addition, the reports can include pictures and even video. 
    Here you will find resources for anyone interested in Women’s Ministries; and a special page just for local Director’s with programming ideas and downloads on many Women’s Ministries-related subjects including report forms and other materials.
    See pictures of the Director and the Area Coordinators for the Department of Women’s Ministries. Read a little about these women and their positions. Email a note to any of them right from their page.
    On this page you will find descriptions of future events along with information about the event, date, location, a link to maps, and in some instances a downloadable PDF file with the application form, that you can fill out and mail in.
    Here you will find Photo Albums of Women’s Ministries events from around the Conference. Retreats, Area meetings, local church Women’s Ministries weekends and days, Prayer Breakfasts, Community Service outreach programs can all be displayed for all to enjoy.
    This page will list as many Women’s Ministries events as the Department is notified about. It is important that all local church Directors send their calendar to the Women’s Ministries Department so that all coming events and programs can be posted.
    Here you will find links to Websites that provide information and resources about Women’s Ministries