Welcome to the Florida Conference Treasury Department


The Treasury Department mission is to grow disciples within biblical communities, preparing them to meet Jesus and to be a 21st Century missionary movement, effectively reaching people of all ages and cultures.


  • Enable the ministries of the Conference to fulfill the mission statement with financial structure and services.
  • Timely, quality customized financial records that are designed to meet legal, policy, and programming requirements.
  • Integral to the first purpose of “enabling” the ministries is the service component for churches and schools in the arenas of auditing, employee, and property matters.


  • Tithes and Conference Offerings
  • Accounts for Churches and Schools for a variety of services provided by the Conference, and for all Conference Departments
  • Accounting and financial reporting for Conference
  • Insurance purchases of many types; property, liability, employment (for all Conference employees), vehicles, students, etc.
  • Property Development for property ownership, purchases, financing, sales, tax exemptions and a wide variety of legal requirements
  • Agency deposit and investment services for churches, schools, trustors, etc.
  • Financial oversight for academies, camps, retirement center, etc.
  • Payroll services for all churches, elementary schools, academies, camps, retirement center, and Conference
  • Church and school auditing