Although there are a number of endowments already established within the Florida conference (primarily for educational purposes) we are now able to assist you with either contributing to an existing endowment fund or establishing a named fund. We are focusing on endowments for education (including separate endowments for Forest Lake Academy and Greater Miami Academy), evangelism and Camp Kulaqua but endowments can be established for any project approved by the Florida conference including your local church or church school.

By contributing to an endowment fund or establishing a named endowment fund you can experience the joy of knowing that your funds will be used to further the work of the Lord. You may also enjoy major tax benefits when you contribute to or fund an endowment.

You can fund endowments by making direct gifts, funding a trust, purchasing a charitable gift annuity, making provision in your will or establishing a named donor advised fund for which the remainder or earned interest is designated for an endowment.

Businesses and Corporations

We welcome contacts from business and corp0rations which provide funds for charitable purposes.  If you are looking for a place to create an endowment or add to an existing endowment we will be pleased to provide you with the necessary information regarding our specific charitable organization.

Please contact Phil Bond, Director of Planned Giving and Trust Services 407-644-5000 x 2240 for information.