Welcome to the Department of Development & Planned Giving

Below please find a brief description of a few of the projects the Lord has called us to promote.

                 Worthy Student Fund: This fund provides scholarships for needy students to attend one of our academies or universities.

                  Endowments: Help sustain the mission of the Church through various endowment programs.

                  Mission to the Cities/China Project: This fund supports missions – both at home and abroad.

Please call 407-644-5000 x 2241 for more details.   Thank you again and God bless.

The department of Development & Planned Giving was organized to assist members of the Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists with achieving their stewardship and estate planning objectives.  Through the years, the staff has been privileged to serve thousands of constituents by providing them with information concerning stewardship and estate planning and directing them to proper legal counsel and other services.  We have now partnered with Crescendo Interactive. Inc., at www.FCGifts.org to provide a complete planned giving online resource.

With the services provided at www.FCGifts.org you can securely submit information for your own will online, view videos concerning estate planning, construct your own sample illustrations for various types of gifts, obtain current finance and tax news and read donor stories.  For additional assistance please contact us at: 407-644-5000 x 2240.

What is Development & Planned Giving and what services are provided?

The department of Development & Planned Giving exists to serve those of our constituents who desire to achieve their stewardship objectives both during and after their lifetimes.  Information and assistance is provided through the expertise of trust officers who are certified to perform the duties of Planned Giving and Trust Services. This information and assistance is provided through seminar presentations, wills clinics, private consultations and at www.FCGifts.org.

Trust officers are not attorneys but are subjected to rigorous training and testing to obtain certification by the North American Division Trust Services Accreditation and Certification Committee to perform the duties of Planned Giving and Trust Services.

In order to perform the duties of Development & Planned Giving a trust officer must be certified within one year of his/her employment and spend a certain amount of time in internship with another accredited conference or institution.  A substantial amount of continuing education is then required yearly to maintain certification.

Our certified trust officers are able and willing to share information with you regarding basic estate planning, charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts, endowments, the Donor Advised Fund, the Southern Union Revolving Fund, tax benefits available with certain plans and other information regarding gift and estate planning.  We do not offer legal advice but can refer you to a qualified estate planning attorney for that advice.

Our department has been given a Level A Accreditation and must continue to conform to rigid standards in order to maintain accreditation. Regular audits are performed by the General Conference Auditing Services to ensure that the accreditation standards are met.

Note:  The subjects discussed in this and the following sections are presented as information only.  The information and illustrations provided are given for educational purposes and should not be considered as legal or tax advice.  For such advice please consult a professional advisor.

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