About Pathfinders

The Pathfinder Club is a worldwide organization sponsored by the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  Nearly 2 million young people in grades 5 to 12 are members.  The club is open to all youth in those grades who are willing to live by the pledge and law.


Our leadership is well trained, highly qualified and always willing to serve others.


Every Pathfinder is encourage to participate in conference wide activities such as Drill, Drum, Canoeing, Camporees, hiking, and Reveilles.

Club Organization

Friend (5th Grade) – Companion (6th Grade) – Explorer (7th Grade) – Ranger (8th Grade) – Voyager (9th Grade) – Guide (10th Grade) – Pioneer (11th Grade) – Navigator (12th Grade)


To demonstrate the attractiveness of Christian ideals in an activity program which will guide our youth into active missionary service and to develop character and good citizenship.


Pathfindering has the potential to meet the needs of children that are no longer being met at home and school.  It is a fun and dynamic way to interact with young people in a way that is constantly challenging the way they think and how they feel about themselves and Christ.




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