Welcome to Florida Conference—a great place to teach and learn! Browse our site or better yet—come join us to discover what makes our schools so vibrant. Here you’ll find the latest in technology, coupled with hands-on learning and research-based practices all wrapped up in a warm, Christian environment. The mild weather and natural beauty of the state provides an ideal setting for field trips, nature walks, and outdoor science lessons. Students plant vegetable gardens, cultivate flowers, participate in archaeological digs and collect shells along Florida’s 1200 miles of coastline. Eight thousand lakes provide increased opportunities for the study of natural flora and fauna from Jacksonville to Miami.

In Florida Conference, we value every child as a unique individual, created in the image of God with distinctive gifts, talents, and abilities. As Seventh-day Adventist educators, it is our belief that the work of true education is to equip students to think and to act with breadth of mind, clearness of thought, and the courage of their convictions. We believe that each child has a special purpose for being placed on this earth. With this in mind, we seek to provide every opportunity for the spiritual, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth of every student entrusted to our care. It is our fervent prayer and aim to perceive infinite possibilities in our students–inspiring them to love learning, respect others, and develop a character in the likeness of the Creator.


“Creating Christian leaders grounded in their love for Jesus and His church”


I. For Leadership: The education system reflects a collaborative environment where vision for direction emerges from all levels.

II. For Students: Our schools are student-centered communities of learning where all stakeholders work collaboratively to unleash students’ God-given unlimited potential.

III. For teachers: Our teachers operate within a supportive, collaborative, grace-filled network that values and enables their journey of continuous professional growth.