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Youth Ministries Weekly Update

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Link to Jan. 20, 2015 update:

Link to Jan. 13, 2015 Weekly Update:

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Florida Conferece Hosts PBE

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The Florida Conference Pathfinder Bible Experience run-offs took place on Feb 22, 2013 (Central) – Feb 23, 2013 (North) and Feb 24, 2013 (South)
In total 49 teams participated in this years PBE. 9 of our teams have advance to the state level which will be held on March 16 at FLEC. Thank you all for a job well done.

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PAC Minutes – 2/17/13

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Pathfinder Adventurer Committee
February 17, 2013
Called to order – 8:07am

Members present – Kathy Adams, Calvin Brooks, Myrlin Brooks, Jose Diaz, Rachel Figueroa, Brad Gary, Lisa Gary, Ken & Doris Grant, Robert Hines, Martha Lewis, Jowi Perez, Pedro Perez, Alex Ramirez, Javier Santiago

Devotional & Prayer – Pedro Perez “Huge Mistakes We Make with Kids”
#1 – We risk too little – this is the value of P & A Ministry – we take risks
Avoid “helicopter parents”, don’t do risky things, but let them try things
#2 – We rescue to quickly – take a time out
#3 – We rave to easily – we are lowering the expectation bar, we are rewarding them
for average or below
James 1:5 – It takes wisdom to work with young people, work with leaders, to work with parents. PAC needs to grow in wisdom, pass it down to next layer, next layer passed it down, etc.
Prayer – sentence prayers around the room

01-02172013 Motion Alex Ramirez 2nd Calvin Brooks 100% approved
“To look for a new camping spot, not limited to developed areas. Also look for locations to purchase.”

02-02172013 Motion Lisa Gary 2nd Jose Diaz 100% approved
“Committee will consist of Alex Ramirez as chair, Calvin Brooks, Martha Lewis, Kathy Adams, and Jose

Need to set calendar dates for 2014 by May PAC Meeting / Need to Continue to look for ways to simplify calendar / Discussed Calendar for one hour / Made suggestions for improvements

*******REPORTS – reports need to be sent to Conference in 1 week in advance so that they can be read before PAC meeting to save time*********.

Approval of PAC Minutes
03-02172013 Motion Calvin Brooks 2nd Martha Lewis 100% approved
“To accept the PAC Minutes are printed”

Motions to be made from ExCom Minutes:
04-02172013 Motion Myrlin Brooks 2nd Ken Grant 100% approved
“Yolanda Acevedo will become North Area Zone B Administrator as of June 1, 2013; Scott Fortier will remain Zone B Administrator until that time”05-02172013 Motion Javier Santiago 2nd Martha Lewis Approved by majority 5-3 “To move Lakeland English and Winter Haven Church from Cluster 6 to Cluster 5. This would be for all Youth Ministries, Lakeland Spanish would remain in Cluster 6” Conference Youth Director exercised his right of VETO and will report back at May PAC

06-02172013 Motion Jose Diaz 2nd Myrlin Brooks 100% approved
“That the official name of the Varsity Committee be – Varsity/TLT Committee”

07-02172103 Motion Jose Diaz 2nd Ken Grant 100% approved
“That Varsity/TLT Committee members be issued identification cards with annual expiration and renewal, this can be extended to any other officially appointed members.”

08-02172013 Motion Lisa Gary 2nd Kathy Adams 100% approved
“That we have a Youth Ministries Convention, Aug. 2-4, 2013 at FLA using FLA lodging and area motels.”

09-02172013 Motion Lisa Gary 2nd Jowi Perez 100% approved
“To accept Johanna De La Cruz as the Central Cluster 5 Coordinator”

10-02172013 Motion Martha Lewis 2nd Calvin Brooks 100% approved
“That Florida Conference would accept the invitation from Bill Wood to supply 2-4 people in an overall supervision position at the YMCA during the International Camporee – these volunteers would be already attending Camporee, there would be no financial reimbursement”

Clarification on PAC teleconference of 01-24-2013

11-02172013 Motion Jowi Perez 2nd Martha Lewis
“That the awards that will be given for Pathfinder Skill Events (at Red Zone) – not necessarily trophies.”

12-02172013 Motion Myrlin Brooks 2nd Martha Lewis 100% approved
“To accept Jowi Perez as the Red Zone Director”

13-02172013 Motion Lisa Gary 2nd Myrlin Brooks 100% approved
“To accept David Graham as the North Area Zone B Administrator, and that Vany Gonzalez would be North Cluster 6 Coordinator – this is a switch of positions”

Adventurers – Lisa Gary — see written report
Highlights – Website developed by David Graham, upcoming Fun Days, several older Florida Awards being revised or retired

14-02172013 Motion Lisa Gary 2nd Jose Diaz Approved by majority vote
“That the North Area Team would like to sponsor an Adventurer Family Campout at Camp Kulaqua, Oct 4-6, 2013. Parents would be REQUIRED to attend and camp with their child”

Pathfinders – Calvin Brooks — see written report
Highlights – Rachel Figueroa resigning as Drill Director. Has met with all the Activity Directors.

15-02172103 Motion Myrlin Brooks 2nd Rachel Figueroa 100 approved
“To accept the State Adventurer and Pathfinder reports as written and highlighted”

16-02172013 Motion Lisa Gary 2nd Ken Grant 100% approved
“To accept the written and highlighted reports from the Pathfinder and Adventurer Area Administrators”

E-Tracker – no report
Varsity – Jose Diaz – oral report – has had several great events. Would like more support for activities. They received great comments from the ranger at the event. Spiritual retreat date may have to change. 12 TLT’s inducted at the Plantation Church.
Master Guide – Kathy Adams – oral report. Please CC Kathy Adams on all emails sent to Dave Jones. Question as to why there has not been a MG campout.

17-02172013 Motion Lisa Gary 2nd Kathy Adams 100% approved
“To accept the oral reports from the Program Directors. They will send a written report to Micky
Santiago for the official Conference records”

Drill – Rachel Figueroa – see written report
Dates to submit drill application for Red Zone will remain May 1 Age requirement will be as if Red Zone was in May. OK to turn 18 AFTER May 31 Encourage Clubs to drill SATURDAY NIGHT! Items in report 1-5 will go to ExCom for recommendation back to PAC
Rachel – effective July 10 – stepping down as Director / She will always be available

18-02172013 Motion Calvin Brooks 2nd Javier Santiago 100% approved
“That items 1-6 on the written drill report be taken to ExCom for discussion and recommendations for

19-02172013 Motion Ken Grant 2nd Lisa Gary approved with sadness
“To accept the resignation letter, effective July 10 of Rachel Figueroa as Drill Director – accepted with
deep regrets”

Drum – no report
Constitution/Bylaws – no report
Leadership Convention – Robert Hines – see written report

20-02172013 Motion Lisa Gary 2nd Kathy Adams 100% approved
“To accept the Committee members as on the written report for the Leadership Convention”Pathfinder Bible Experience – Myrlin Brooks – see written report
Highlights – Clubs can have more than 1 team, Union Runoff – March 29-30 will be at Camp Kulaqua,
electronic scoring will be used at Area and State levels, only 1st place teams advance to next level, all
clubs that advance must re-register for the next level event, participants must be in grades 5-10 (not
age requirements), State event is March 16 at 4:00 at FLEC, uniform inspection will be 1 hour prior to
start time

Uniform – no report
Red Zone – Jowi Perez – see written report
Highlights – Pathfinder Skill Events, a new name will be submitted by Adventurers and Pathfinders

21-02172013 Motion Jowi Perez 2nd Jose Diaz 100% approved
“To accept the Pathfinder Skill Events as described in the written report”

22-02172013 Motion Calvin Brooks 2nd Alex Ramirez 100% approved
“To open up to both Pathfinders and Adventurers a contest to have a new name for Red Zone. This would be for the Adventurer-Varsity members (not staff) only. The reward for the chosen would be –

Pathfinders – 1 OshKosh ticket Adventurers – 4 Wet & Wild Tickets Ideas must be submitted by April 26th for May 5th PAC meeting.”
Mission Trip – written report – Ken Grant
5 have made deposit for Hawaii 2013 10 have expressed interest

23-02172013 Motion Ken Grant 2nd Lisa Gary 100% approved
“To accept the written and oral reports of the Activity and Events Directors”

Drill Instructor – Nominations – see written resume’
South Florida Associate Youth Director – 2 Pastors will be interviewed on 2-18-13
Preacher Training was held at Pine Lake – extra handouts available
Cluster/Zone/Area Expense Forms – communicate how, why they are used
Shirts – Please wear them.
Uniforms – reimbursement for uniforms will be looked into by Pedro Perez
Camporee Director – nominations
Everyone should be looking for the “younger generation” to be ready to fill positions.
Future item – Uniform braids that represent PAC, not just Conference position
Meeting adjourned with prayer by Pastor Pedro at 2:07pm

PAC 02-17-13 minutes – PDF

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New Port Richey Pathfinder Evangelism

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