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Newsletter 11-11-15

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“Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

I Thessalonians 5:18

I have much to be thankful for and I know that each of you have things that we can be thankful for too. It’s those little things that we do not always count that we can express gratitude for… especially today for our Veterans who served and are serving our country.

May we remember often the sacrifices made on our behalf. Below are some ideas to continue being Thankful and a Blessing as we patiently await the “Harvest” our heavenly father is preparing for us.

Be a Blessing: A friend of mine has taught me a great deal about expressing gratitude to people who often feel invisible. She never fails to say “thank you” to the cashier at the checkout, the person who takes her order at a fast food counter, the teller at the bank’s drive through window, and the server in the restaurant. It doesn’t matter how rushed or harried she may be, she always stops long enough to look someone in the eye, smile, and thank them for their service.

These and many others who serve us in the seemingly insignificant moments of life often are ignored or taken for granted. Yet, as with Abraham, God blesses us so that we may be a blessing to others (Genesis 12:2-3).

The next time you are blessed to be served by another, return the blessing by taking the time to recognize and thank them for their service. It only takes a moment to make eye contact, smile, and offer a word of encouragement. You never know the difference you can make in one person’s day!

Treasure Thanks: Hide 100 pennies in a room. Have family members search for the pennies. Afterward, have them name one thing for which they’re thankful for every penny they found. Help younger children as needed. Read aloud Matthew 6:19-21. Ask: What are some things you treasure and why? What does this verse say about our treasures and our hearts? How can thankfulness help us keep our eyes on heaven? Take turns giving away pennies to other family members. With each penny, tell that person one thing about them for which you’re thankful. Then ask: When is it easy or difficult to share our blessings with others? How can we serve others with our blessings from God? Close in prayer, thanking Jesus for his blessings and asking him to show you ways to share those blessings with others.

Please note that the Creative Ministry Workshop previous scheduled in Plantation for November 14, 2015 has been Cancelled.

Please keep in your prayers those of us that will be travelling to the Southern Union Meetings in north Florida.

I am thankful for you and the ministry which you serve in for your church and community.  Hope this finds you doing well and may the rest of the week be just what God would have it be.

Next week this email will be sent on Thursday as I will be out of town thru Wednesday.

Family time Activity 11-6-15

Splink 11-10-15

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Newsletter 10-18-15

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As a plan for the fullness of time, to unite all things in him, things in heaven and things on earth. Ephesians 1:10 ESV

Time to Set your Clocks and Fall Back! To be honest I am not a fan of the DST, but it is what it is and I will adapt. So to make it easier on myself I looked up some things to do in this Fall that I could do with my granddaughter and not dwell on the changing of my clocks. This coming weekend will be packed with activities centered around children and the time of the year.  My prayer is that the children be safe in whatever activity they are involved in.  Remember you do get an extra hour of sleep????

Daylight Saving Time (abbreviated DST) is a system in which clocks are set forward in order to have more daylight in the evenings (and less in the morning). This system is used to conserve energy since the use of electrical lights is decreased in the evening.

In DST, clocks are set forward one hour in early spring and they are set back one hour in autumn. One easy way to remember which way to set your clocks is, “Spring forward, fall back.”

An idea similar to Daylight Saving Time was first proposed by Benjamin Franklin in 1784, when he urged residents of Paris, France, to get up earlier in the morning in order to save evening candle use (at the time, Franklin was the USA’s first ambassador to France); his proposal did not involve changing the setting of clocks. In 1907, William Willet proposed the ideas of changing clocks for DST to the British, but his idea was rejected.

The first countries to adopt DST were Germany and the UK, who began using it in 1916 (during World War I). In 1918, the USA adopted new time zones (to help synchronize railroad schedules) and began using DST. Today, most of North America and Europe (and parts of Australia and South America) use DST.

In the USA, DST begins on the second Sunday in March at 2AM (2AM suddenly becomes 3AM) — DST ends on the first Sunday in November at 2AM (2AM suddenly becomes 1AM). Also, in the U.S., DST is NOT observed in Hawaii and Arizona.

Autumn is a great time to teach children about leaves. Leaves are all around us. We eat leaves. Leaves change colors, usually from green to red, orange, yellow and brown. Leaves can be found on trees. Leaves fall to the ground and we rake them up. The reason that the leaves change color is due to the shortening of the days. As this occurs the leaves begin to produce less chlorophyll and change color. Many people think that the leaves turn color but this is not true. The leaves are actually the colors we see in the fall. The reason that the leaves are green is because they are full of chlorophyll.

Leaf Rubbings Have the child place a leaf under a piece of paper, and rub the paper with crayon, and the leaf shape will appear. This works much better with green leaves.

Leaf Prints Obtain a leaf for each child. Have the child paint the vein side of the leaf. Press the leaf onto a piece of paper to create a leaf print. Leaf Hands Trace your child’s hand onto a fall color of construction paper, and cut it out to make it look like a maple leaf.

Leaf Tree Use brown construction paper for the trunk of the tree, and tape up fall leaves to the wall to make a huge fall tree in your classroom. Leaf Painting Have the children paint, using leaves as paint brushes.

Leaf Glitter Find some old brown leaves. Have the children crumble them up and use them as glitter. You could even paint them before you crumble them to make different colored glitter.

Leaf People Have the children glue a leaf on a piece of paper, and draw legs, arms, and a head to create a person.

Leaf Mobile Have the children attach leaves to a hanger with different lengths of string to create a mobile. Hang around the classroom.

Torn Paper Tree Have the children make a torn paper tree with brown paper for the trunk, and red, orange and yellow paper for the leaves. The children should be supplied with the paper and glue. they should tear the pieces of paper into the shape they want it to be.

Leaf Wreath Take the children outside and have them collect leaves, twigs and acorns. Cut out the center of a paper plate and have the children paint it brown. After the paint is dry, have the children glue their leaves, twigs and acorns to the plate.

Calendar Updates:  

Please note that the Creative Ministry Workshop scheduled for November 14 @ Plantation SDA Church has been Cancelled and will be rescheduled.

Singles:     October 31, 7:00pm   Celebration of Fall Party Lets get together and welcome fall and the cool weather that it brings with a party at Charlie Beall’s place.  Bring something yummy to eat and come prepared to have some fun.  7839 Sloewood Drive, Mt Dora.  Call Charlie for more information 352-383-3976.

November 20-22              Blaze & Go Fish @ Lake Yale Baptist Convention Center, Check out the Florida Conference Pathfinder website for all the information.

March 19, 2016  VBS Showcase 3pm @ the Florida Conference Community Room. Check out the Florida Conference Children & Family Ministry Website for more information.

Enjoy the rest of your week and join with me again to pray for the children in our churches and families.  During this holiday weekend may we be a blessing to everyone we meet

VBS Showcase copy flyer for 2016

VBS Flyer 2016 10-28-15 P

Pumpkin Parable 10-26-15 S

Splink 10-27-15

Seven Layer Density Column 10-31-14

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Youth Ministries Weekly Update

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October 13, 2015














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Newsletter 10-14-15

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Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love  Ephesians 4:2

Welcome to “cooler” weather…at least, that is what the forecast has been all week.

Wear Pink:  October is Breast Cancer awareness month.

Check out the Adventist Review October 14 Special Edition for the 2015 Week of Prayer, Adult and Children’s Versions available.

Remember: October is Pastor Appreciation Month.

We have so much to be Thankful for and appreciate in this “Fall” time of the year.  When was the last time you told the Volunteers of your church or organization, your family that you appreciate them.

“Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well. When you appreciate your loved ones, you  build a bond of trust and love.  Appreciation builds bridges and fosters healthy relationships.”

Here are 2 ideas for Fall/Christmas:

Prayer Tree

A great visual prayer for all age worship services and children’s groups. For the  family tree, you will need a  large

branch or  few branches arranged  in a big vase. Give each group member a  leaf shape and ask them to write or

draw their prayer.  It can be personal or they can write or draw something  in God’s creation for which they would

like to say thank you. Pierce a hole with a hole puncher and hang them on using wool or thread, or with a spot of

glue on one end of each leaf, stick the prayers to the branches of the tree.

Some of the prayers (leaves) can be read out loud to help the children to focus.

Nativity prayer

Place a 3D nativity scene in the middle of the group. Invite each child to pick up the pieces. Who are they? What

part did  they play  in  the story? Each piece  is  important and plays a special part  in  the Christmas story and can

remind us of special things to pray for in our lives and other people’s lives: Encourage the children to share as you

pick up each piece to pray. They may come up with ideas but here are some suggestions:

Jesus: God’s son – Give thanks for the birth of Jesus, his life, his stories, teaching, miracles, his sacrifice etc

Mary & Joseph: Parents – Give thanks to Jesus’s mums who love and care for us

Angel: Messenger of God – A reminder of God’s presence and that is there throughout our lives, he has an

amazing plan for our lives and promises to be with us always.

Wise Men: Wisdom and gifts: As we learn at school and about God at church, help us to use the gifts and skills

God has given us to be kind and helpful to one another.

Shepherds: Protection: Pray for those who protect us including police, the government, soldiers etc. Pray for

farmers, those who care for us at other times; Grandparents, teachers, junior church leaders.

Donkey & Cow: Animals: Pray for pets, farmers, cruelty to animals, etc.

Stable: Pray for our homes, giving thanks for security, for luxuries such as water, heating, food. Pray for the

homeless, those who are poor and hungry.

Calendar Updates: 

October 17                  Creative Ministry Workshop Marion Oaks SDA Church, Ocala   Join us this weekend @ 13977 SW 32nd Terrace Rd, Ocala, Fl (Assembly of God Church)

October 24                  Creative Ministry Workshop Windermere SDA Church

November 14              Creative Ministry Workshop Plantation SDA Church

Central Florida ASAM Singles. 

Sabbath, October 17th

1:30pm – Kress Singles Potluck – Kress Memorial Church.  Make sure to bring your favorite dish to share and make sure to plan to stay to help clean up.

7:00pm – Saturday Night Get Together at Diane’s – 966 Welch Hill Circle, Apopka, Bring some food to share and your favorite table games.  Call 407-703-3050 for more info.

As you finish your week may God’s grace abound.  Keeping you in my prayers.

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Newsletter 10-7-15

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See to it that no one fails to obtain the grace of God. Hebrews 12:15

Again it has been a great week. I have been blessed with some volunteer help to organize the giant book shelves in our storage area.  What a blessing and a time of fellowship to work together.  We have laughed, remembered and had fun sorting the many resources.  We have been sorting since we moved in 2014.  There is a reason!!! We recently brought all our resources to the new building.  You will have to stop by on your next trip to the conference office.  It would be fun to chat and catch up.  Hope your week is a good one too.

Celebrate Children in October. Kids of all ages will enjoy these days.

  • Art Day — Invite a local artist to teach cartooning, color and line, and perspective. Have kids make masks or learn how to mix colors.
  • Gym Day — Rent or borrow a gym if you don’t have one on your church campus. Invite a local sports figure to offer a clinic for your kids. Ask a local grocery for free drinks and give a sponsor’s award in return with your thanks.
  • Game Day — Have kids bring their favorite table games. Hold a tournament and give prizes in each age category. Or make your own games. How about a huge Twister using various colored paper plates taped to the floor?
  • Sidewalk Circus — Have children make puppets and create a puppet show. Take your puppet team to the city park and hold a sidewalk circus. You can also have circus-type acts, clowns, and balloons. Invite visiting children to come to your church on Sabbath.
  • Music Day — Have kids bring their own instruments for a band. Or have a kazoo marching band.
  • Ecology Day — Teach about reuse, reduce, and recycle. Have kids plant trees in your community or coordinate a paper drive. Communicate the ecology message from the standpoint that God created the world and gave us authority over it.
  • Kite Day — Fly high in the spring. After morning worship, supply kite-making materials. Serve families pizza or hot dogs for lunch. After everyone has eaten and made a kite, enjoy flying the kites.
  • Celebrate Friend Day — Encourage each child to bring a friend to Sabbath school. Honor friends by having children give their guests a special name tag and a helium balloon.
  • Cookie BakeOff — With plenty of adult supervision, have children bake cookies. Use simple, pictorial recipes and premeasure all ingredients. After the cookie party, have kids seal the extra cookies in plastic bags. Take children to give the cookies to a shut-in, nursing home resident, or sick child.
  • Animal Crackers — How about a petting zoo or a parade of your favorite stuffed animals? Maybe a live pet show? Kids could pretend to be animals in the zoo. Or you could re-enact Noah’s collection of animals. Set up in a neighborhood on Saturday morning and watch kids flock to you.
  • Children’s Day — Use this special day to recognize children. Focus all the music and events around  children. Decorate with helium balloon bouquets. Have children assist adult ushers and lead in prayer. Invite parents so they can be ministered to as they see how much your church values their children.

FYI: The Creative Ministry Workshop scheduled for October 10 @ Emmanuel SDA has been CANCELLED.  It will be rescheduled, so be looking for the new date.

Check this Website:, Email:, Phone 407 884 0859 or 800 291 3060. They are available to present one-hour or all day seminars in 15 areas: Communication, Conflict Resolution, Family Finance, Sexuality, Singleness, Domestic Violence, Living with Unbelieving Spouse, Parenting and much more.

Singles: Since the weather is getting cooler, it was suggested that we have a Sabbath picnic potluck this Sabbath at Sanlando Park.  Please be sure to bring a dish to share and your own plate and utensils.  Look for Richard Nordman and Laurie as they will be leading out with this event.  Also, come prepared to enjoy an after lunch walk.

Don’t forget it is Pastor Appreciation Month.

Gracious God, our Father, we owe all that we have to you. Reveal the work you have set before us and preserve us in true faith. Freely may we give, in the joys of discipleship, to the glory of your kingdom. Amen. 

Asking for prayers as we continue to meet the needs of Children in our Churches. 

Splink 10 7-2015

Classroom 10-1-15


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Newsletter 10-1-15

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But love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them without expecting to get anything back. Then your reward will be great, and you will be sons of the Most High, because he is kind to the ungrateful and wicked. Luke 6:35

AS usual it has been a very busy week.  I returned yesterday from KIDMIN Conference in Chicago.  It was a great time of meeting new and connecting with old friends.  I always come back with more ideas than I will probably every use.  Team building was one of my focus areas in the seminars I chose to attend.  I relearned how valuable a team of good volunteers can be when working with children and families.  Making sure you continue to tell them how valuable they are and keep them in your prayers.  It takes a special person to be committed to the work of preparing our families for God’s kingdom.  My prayer for you is that you allow God to be your guide in this process.

4 Reasons to work in Children’s Ministry:

  1. You are making an eternal impact on a child’s life. What you do is immeasurable. It can’t be measured by a man–only God sees the extent of what you do. If you stay in children’s ministry, you’ll make an even greater impact!
  2. You’ll be a better student of the Bible. Naturally curious, children will make you study. “Why did Samson’s hair make him strong? What color was his hair? Did he really wear it in a braid?” Serving children will force you to know the word for yourself.
  3. Children’s ministry reminds us to be humble. I’ve seen kids giveaway their prizes, snacks and even their own shoes to someone who needed them or asked for them. Children are God’s perfect examples of compassion and sharing. We all need those kinds of examples. No matter how old we get.
  4. You have something to offer. Your unique life experiences, your views, your heart is like no one else’s. God’s love, filtered through your hands and feet can change the world.

You can do it! We need you!

Team Building Exercise: All Star

Give each person a piece of paper and have them draw a self-portrait.  Ask them to put their name on it (in case it’s not obvious who it is!).  You can spend a little or a long time on this first half of the activity.

When everyone is finished, stick them all up on a wall.

The second step of this exercise involves handing out some stars.  Each person should write a positive adjective describing each person and stick it on their self-portrait.

October 3rd is Children’s Day.  What is your church doing for Children’s Day? (This Sabbath will find me at the Pompano Beach SDA Church being a part of their Children’s Day Program.)

October is also Pastor Appreciation Month.

Calendar Updates:  Come and be a part of a workshop in your area. (See schedule below.)

October 3                    Children Sabbath Church Service Pompano Beach SDA Church

October 10                  Creative Ministry Workshop Emanuel SDA Church, Orlando

October 17                  Creative Ministry Workshop Marion Oaks SDA Church, Ocala

October 24                  Creative Ministry Workshop Windermere SDA Church

November 14              Creative Ministry Workshop Plantation SDA Church

November 20-22        Blaze & Go Fish @ Lake Yale Baptist Convention Center

Ecclesiastes 9:10 Whatever the activity in which you engage, do it with all your ability, because there is no work, no planning, no learning, and no wisdom in the next world where you’re going.  International Standard Version

I hope you will be blessed today in some way and that you will also be a blessing to everyone you meet.   Praying for you.

Until next week.

Splink 10-1-15

Pumpkin seed lesson 9-30-15

Florida Conference Children Calendar of events Revised 9-3-15

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Newsletter 9-23-15

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“It shall come about, if you listen obediently to my commandments which I am commanding you today, to love the LORD your God and to serve Him with all your heart and all your soul, that He will give the rain for your land in its season, the early and late rain, that you may gather in your grain and your new wine and your oil.” Deuteronomy 11:13-14

This is what is happening today: The arrival of fall often announces itself with crisp breezes and changing leaf colors. But autumn, as the season is also known, doesn’t officially begin until the fall equinox, which falls this year on Wednesday. Here is everything you need to know about the fall equinox.

In the northern hemisphere, the fall, or autumnal, equinox occurs every year in September, usually on the 22nd, 23rd or 24th. It is the moment when the sun crosses what’s known as the celestial equator, the imaginary line over the equator, that signifies when night and day are the same length.

Because the Earth’s axis is tilted at a slight angle, during all other days of the year, except for the spring, or vernal, equinox, night and day are not equal in length. The word “equinox” is derived from Latin, in which “equi” refers to equal and “nox,” night. The counterpart of the equinox is the solstice, of which there are two, during the summer and winter. In the northern hemisphere, the summer solstice is the longest day of the year; the winter solstice is the shortest.

The exact time of this year’s autumnal equinox, when the sun passes over the equator is 4:21 a.m. Wednesday.

Tomorrow I will boarding a plane heading for KIDMIN in Chicago. I am looking forward to getting fresh new ideas for my ministry and then coming back to share them with you.  If you are planning to be there email or text me so we can meet.  It would be awesome to connect there and share some time together.  I wish it was a bit later in the fall so I could enjoy some of the fall changes that happen in other areas this time of the year.  This time of the year also reminds me that churches and children’s ministry plan Fall Festivals for the children in the community.

These fall activities can obviously be used any time of year but make great additions to an Autumn Celebration/Fall Festival for your church.  It’s a great time to get the whole family involved.

Bubble Bowls

This is a twist on your standard bubble blowing and is so fun that even adults like to participate! It can also be done indoors, which is great if some of your other fall activities are affected by the weather.

Items Needed: Bubble solution (you can purchase this or make a sturdy bubble solution by mixing 1 part ultra dish soap [Dawn or Joy are best] to 15 parts water [distilled water works best] OR 1 part regular dish soap to 10 parts water, adding 0.25 part white corn syrup or glycerin for even sturdier bubbles); bowls; straws; paper towels

Demonstrate: Pour some bubble solution into a bowl and demonstrate how to blow through the straw into the solution to make bubbles. Show students a bubble trick: Blow a big bubble in the bowl. Then, making sure your straw is wet (otherwise you will pop the big bubble), insert your straw into the bubble and blow a bunch of smaller bubbles inside. Then give each child a bowl and a paper towel to set it on. Pour enough bubble solution into each bowl to cover the bottom to about ½”. Give each child a straw to blow into the bubble solution (remind them not to suck!) and let them blow to their hearts’ content.

Artist’s Area Have a variety of artistic media such as paper, scissors, crayons, markers, tape, glue, coloring books, stickers, Play-doh with cookie cutters, etc. Have some things with a fall theme and encourage the kids to create a masterpiece.

Looking ahead: See the attached calendar for the rest of this year and 2016. If you would like myself or the team to come to your church in 2016 for a workshop, event or church service,  please let me know and I will get you on the calendar.  It would be a blessing to work with you in planning what would best suit you and your church’s needs.

On a personal note….I have attached a fun photo of the new puppy that now lives at my house. Just wish we could bottle her energy and excitement for life.  She makes me happy.

Also Please keep myself and those traveling this weekend in your prayers. May we have a safe trip, wherever the Lord leads us this next week.  Thank You for your continued prayers for this ministry.

Until next time. May your weekend be just what you need to refresh for another week.

Florida Conference Children Calendar of events Revised 9-3-15

Vanishing Styrofoam 9-21-15 Splink 9-22-15

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