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As for God, his way is perfect; the word of the LORD is flawless. Psalm 18:30

A Personal Invitation:  I am personally inviting you to an awesome opportunity.  A Family Time Worship Seminar this weekend at the Florida Conference Community Room.  Sabbath November 15 from 3-6 pm.  Bring your families, members, and leaders interested in Family Ministry.  This is a hands on seminar so come and get involved.  It’s free to anyone that in interested.  Lookimg forward to meeting and talking with you.

The Thanksgiving holiday in the United States was founded as a day of  celebration and devotion for a successful harvest. Prayer gave way for a more festive gathering with friends and family, hoards of food and football. As a Christian family, you want to bring the focus back to thanking the Lord for your own bountiful harvest in life. Here is a great ideas for new, and possibly familiar traditions you can incorporate into your holiday. Start a Thanksgiving Journal that will follow you annually. Have each guest enter their name and their greatest memory for the year, big or small. That first year you can share those entries, but in years to come, you will have many special milestones of loved ones to recall through your time-honored holiday tradition. Most importantly, be together and treat one another with love and respect.

Remember to thank Jesus for HIS blessings and make the most of every moment you share with your loved ones. Those are easy traditions that will never go out of style.

ABC Thanksgiving Prayer:   ABCDEFG   Thank you God for all I see.  HIJKLMNOP   Thank you God for my Family.    QRS and TUV   Thank you God for loving me.    WX and Y and Z   On Thanksgiving I thank THEE.

Calendar Update:  Check out the 2015 calendar of planned workshops and events on the website.

This next week I will out of the office at the Southern Union Departmental Meetings.  Please pray for those involved in these meetings that we glorify our Lord in all that is said and done.

Best(worst) Attention Getters 11-5-14


Be Awesome 11-14-2014

Be Awesome 12-14-14

Real Family 11-7-14

Magnetic Slime 11-10-14

Splink 11-11-14

Freebie Friday 11-7-1


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News letter 11-5-14

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“I will never change my mind about letting my children into heaven or allowing them to experience the full measure of my love.-Your Heavenly Father”

The smell of spices and apples is in the air. (or maybe it is my new air freshener) Thanksgiving is drawing closer, it is my favorite time of the year.  During family time review bible verses that talk about being thankful.

Psalm 95:1-6, Psalm 100, Psalm 107:1, Psalm 145:7, 1 Chronicles 29:11-13 are great examples.  Make “Thanksgiving” a memorable time for everyone.

Idea of the week:

Mumble Jumble

Take a Bible Story Picture (8×10 or larger) (The picture can be printed in color or  the children can color it) and cut it into puzzle pieces and put them in a bag.  Each child will grab a piece of puzzle from the bag. The children will keep their puzzle pieces to themselves until the counselor says “GO”! At this point, the children will try to assemble the puzzle and guess the storyline.  This is an excellent way to start a worship talk.

Check out this video on YouTube: Total Health Expo Promotional Video

 Were you aware that this is available?  Check it out!

Guardianship:An important, but rarely addressed, part of parenting is determining guardianship for your children should something happen to you that would render you no longer capable of raising them.  Guardianship is the legal term for appointing the person responsible for the day-to-day care of a child or other dependent.  The Florida Conference will help you complete the necessary legal documents to establish who you would want to care for your children should something happen to you. Please contact the Development and Planned Giving Department at 407-644-5000 to take care of this very important aspect of parenting.

Date to Remember:

Next Sabbath afternoon (November 15, 2014 3-6pm) Family Worship Workshop  (Kirk Weaver, FAMTIME) at the Florida Conference Community Room.  This is a workshop for families, leaders, anyone interested in learning how to make Family Worship real to today’s society.  I will be looking forward to being with you for this great opportunity. Sponsored by Florida Conference Family Ministries.  If you need more information just ask.

Check out our website for new information and other calendar updates.

After being on the road for many weeks I am looking forward to spending the weekend with my family.  I trust you will do the same.  Enjoy the rest of the week and keep looking to our Lord for direction.

Young Adult Singles Event

ASAM Singles Calendar_of_Events_November_December_2014_January-2015

Florida Conference Children Calendar of events

The Unmistakable Benefits Of Longevity In Ministry 11-3-14

Real Family 10-31-14

Real Family 10-27-14

Splink 11-4-14


Homefront Magazine 11-14

Seven Layer Density Column 10-31-14

Dry Ice Smoke Ring Launcher11-3-14

Fruit Sheep Craft 10-31-14

FallforJesuscoloringsheet 10-31-14

Thankful Always 11-3-14

Bulletin insert November 2014


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Words to Encourage People Who Love Kids: Never give up you will reap a harvest!

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up” Galatians 6:9

Happy Wednesday!

It’s a great day to love the Lord.  We are in the “Harvest” part of the year.  It is time to count our Blessings.  I spent last week in the Loveland/Denver, Colorado area where I enjoyed the Aspen leaves falling, snow on the mountains and 81 degree weather.  Yes, they were having a bit of “Late Summer”.  The Summit we attended was on the “Future of the Church”.  It is important that we pray for the church, leaders and people as we face the world in these troubling times.

Pray for the Creative Ministry Workshop team as we minister in the Deltona SDA Church this coming Sabbath.  I know the Lord will bless as we fellowship with them.

 Decorate Pumpkins:  Give each child a small pumpkin and have them decorate it using paint, markers or whatever supplies you have.  If you cannot buy pumpkins for the class orange construction paper would work just fine.  Have the children write the Bible verse somewhere on their pumpkin and take it home as a reminder to pray.

“Harvest Time”Activity Puzzle:  Remove the numbers from the puzzle to reveal a bible verse:

“3489T432h4e7n 09I4245 9w32i5l9l01 s342e3n3d4 9r20a491i9n 4o29n1 943y42o4u27r 4la5n754d3 4i42n8 26i7t64s482 s210e4a320s3o8n2, 410b4o3t5h6 42a5u527t98u3m14n5 a32n684d3 5s232p6r7i34n6g1 45r6a762i54n1s, 4s653o6 7t54h1a87t8 02y4o420u3 40m4a67y4 7g841a43t5h567e1r5 28i9n1 5y9o76u245r1 g4r57a899i1n2, 8n341e2w45 78w3i421n4e432 48a092n12d3 456o6i7l97.  346I74 651w6i543l6l6 7p5r345o6v76i6d7e34 543g56r872a6s356s9 i3n142 47t2h861e3 54f53i62e6l6d980s5 f5o423r1 4y654o8u09r32 43c5a457t6t87l9e1 1a356n76d2 7y62o1467u3 5w634i2l556l98 43e5a1t6 2a45n6d64 6b764e4 5s769a4t422i487s09f873i879e317d2.”   0D39e7u698t33e6r14o4n689o87m6y5    11:14-15

Calendar Updates:

 November 1, 2014                     Creative Ministry Workshop                                          Deltona SDA Church                                                              2-5pm

November 15, 2014                   Family Worship Seminar                                                Florida Conference office Community Room                   3-6pm  (see flyer on our website)

December 12-13, 2014              Young Singles Weekend (Song of Solomon)                 Avon Park SDA Church                                         Friday night thru Saturday night

2015 Calendar dates are being finalized and I will share them with you soon.

Check out the DC4K website:   Linda Jacobs blog for Singles/Divorce

Have a great finish to your week.  Use the activities above and/or share them with someone.

Keep Looking Up.

Conference Children Calendar of events


Splink 10-27-14

Splink 10-29-14

Real Family 10-27-14

Raising Godly Children 10-16-14

bulletin insert October 2014

Dry Ice Crystal Ball Bubble 10-16-14

Be Awesome 11-1-2014


The Future of the Church Summit 10-29-14 2-5pm

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Proverbs 22:6  “ Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it.” New Living Translation (NLT)

Greetings: It has been another awesome week.  The Go Fish Team went to New Port Richey Church/School, East Pasco Jr Academy, and Orlando Junior Academy doing a 3 day Child Evangelism Program.  We equipped 250 children to do outreach that is  non-threatening to non-Christians friends and neighbors.  We were blessed with great leaders/teachers and children.  The TEAM would love to come to your church or school to present the Go Fish program.  Please let me know if you are interested.

Object Lesson: God Makes Us Clean (Ephesians 2) Dirty a handheld mirror and bring it to class. Make sure it is dirty enough that your students can’t see themselves in it, or at least not very well. Pass the mirror around and have the students take turns looking at their reflection in the mirror. Ask each child if he can see himself very well in the mirror. Explain that just as the mirror is dirty and prevents you from seeing yourself well, your sins make you dirty. Then take out some window cleaner and paper towels, and clean the mirror. Pass it around to the children and let them look again. Just as the window cleaner made the mirror clean, so God’s grace saves you from your sin and assures you life in heaven.

October is Clergy Appreciation Month

“Respect those who work hard among you, who are over you in the Lord and who admonish you. Hold them in the highest regard in love because of their work” (1 Thess. 5:12-13).

Accordingly, over the centuries, decades and years, pastors have been recognized and honored, either formally or informally, by many denominations and local churches at various times of the year. It has been a long-standing practice.

Figure out what you can do personally to recognize and honor these leaders. A simple card, an invitation to lunch, a promise to pray for them or an offer to babysit, wash a car or mow a lawn make wonderful statements.

Calendar Up Dates:


Central Florida Singles: SABBATH -OCT. 18th 1:30 P.M. Fellowship Meal – Kress Memorial SDA Church – It’s that time of month again, time to share a Sabbath lunch with your singles family at Kress. Come and enjoy some good fellowship, fun and food. Bring a great dish and plenty of it to share.
7:00 P.M. Charlie’s 10th Anniversary Party – No, not his wedding anniversary….It’s been 10 years since Charlie moved to Florida. I guess he’s here to stay! Plan on joining us for what will definitely be a fun night. Bring some finger foods, snacks, etc. to share. For more information, call Charlie at 352-383-3976.

Central Florida Singles October Birthday Dinner     Olive Garden                               October 25 6:45pm                           All Singles are invite to come

Family Worship Seminar           Community Room @ Florida Conference                 November 15 3-6pm            All are invited to this FREE Seminar

Avon Park Young Adult Singles Weekend                Avon Park SDA Church               December 13-15  7pm Friday          All Young Adults are Invite


Creative Ministry Workshop                 Naples SDA Church                                            January 10 2-5pm                             All area churches are invited

Creative Ministry Workshop                 Marion Oaks/Ocala SDA Church                     January 31 2-5pm                            All area churches are invited

Creative Ministry Workshop                 Pompano Beach SDA Church                           February 14 2-5pm                          All area churches are invited.

Again I hope that you will attend and promote the above events in your churches. I would love to meet you and talk with you about your ministry.

If you have any questions or need assistance with anything let me know.  Check out our website for additional information.

Until next time Keep Looking UP for direction.   Praying daily for you.

Family Worship Seminar Flyer for 11-15-2014

Creative Ministry Workshop Naples 1-10-15

Creative Ministry Workshop Marion Oaks Ocala 1-31-15

Creative Ministry Workshop Pompano Beach 2-14-2014

Myth 3 Kids are the church of tomorrow 10-14-2014

Splink 10-14-2014


Shine Pumpkin 10-14-14

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“There is none like Thee, O Lord; Thou art great, and great is Thy name in might.”  Jeremiah 10:6

I am so glad to be back in Florida.  This week has had it’s challenging moments, including the lack of electricity this morning  My office is an inside office so I was attempting to work in the dark.  I found myself getting very sleepy, but by 10:00 we had “light”.  You never know how much the “little things” count until they are gone.  As I mentioned last week I was out of town for children and family conferences.  My head (and mind) are overflowing with information on ministering to our children and families.

Here are some statistics regarding church attendance:  Regular attendance is 1-4 times a month, 80 % attendance is attending 50% of the time (about 15-18 hours a year).  Most children/parents attend church 2 days out of 6 weeks.  Most children spend as much time in Media consumption in 2 days as to what they get all year at church/spiritual training.

Things that will make a difference in a child church experience:  If leaders commit to regular attendance,  If a parent will serve (work in church), If the child has friends in church, If the child knows an adult cares, If a child is motivated by incentives.   

My recommendation is that we think on these things and work to make changes.

Halloween Alternative: Family Storytelling Party
Start around 5:30 p.m. on a Friday. Tell each family to bring their favorite hors d’oeuvres for a potluck appetizer supper.

After dinner, lead the group in singing lively songs with actions. Then have people get together with their own family. Have each family decide on their favorite story about an experience that involved their entire family. Tell each family they need to prepare a skit about that story to present to the other families. Skits should be no longer than five minutes.

After the presentations, form groups of four families. Have these groups each sit in a circle. Give them a story-starter sentence, such as “Once there was a man who couldn’t figure out how to…” One at a time, have group members add one sentence to the story until the story is complete. Start the story with the person who has the most gray hair (the wisest) in each family group. Close your group time together by pointing people to Jesus as the consummate storyteller.

Another idea is to give each family a story that Jesus told so they can discuss what the story means. Encourage each family to be an important link in the chain of storytellers that spread the good news of Jesus Christ.

Other ingredients for this Halloween Family Storytelling Party could include fun table graces, craft projects, free time for each family, large group games, get-to-know-you activities, outdoor games, team challenge races, face painting, a campfire, picnic meals, or a service project.

Calendar Updates:

GO FISH                                                    This weekend (October 11 in New Port Richey, October 12 in East Pasco,

October 13 in Orlando       Junior Academy)

Creative Ministry Workshop                  November 1 Deltona SDA Church

Family Ministry Workshop                     November 15 @ the Florida Conference Community Room 3-6pm

Hoping to see you at some of these events.  All are FREE and Everyone is welcome to attend.

Have a great week.  Take time to Praise the Lord and Pray for guidance.

Crayola Craft Fibonacci Flower 10-6-14

Shine Pumpkin Treat Holder 10-3-2014

CRAFT 10-12-2014

Boo Bubbles 10-6-14

Splink 10-8-14


Web Version

Family Time Workshop 11-15-14

SS_workshop_flyer_Deltona November 1, 2014

Singles Weekend Avon Park Outline 12-13-2014


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Words of Treasure “Stop doubting and believe.” John 20:27 ( 365 Days of Adventure,  Zonderkidz Adventure Bible Devotions)

It has been an awesome day to far.  I have been preparing my office so that it won’t be” lonely” while I attend the KIDMIN Conference in Columbus, Ohio and

the D6 Conference in Louisville Kentucky.  These conferences usually are excellent for staying in the loop as to what is happening with Children/Family ministries.

Looking forward to coming home with lots of resources and being able to share them with you.

My tip for this week is:  Encourage Your Volunteers
One Minute Motivators
With the start of a new school year, there is simply too much to do! Urgent phone calls to parents, issues with curriculum, classroom decorations, and promotional events all press for your time. Caring for volunteers often falls to the bottom of the priority pile.
Though preparation and planning are valuable aspects of leading a ministry, you cannot afford to neglect the health and welfare of your volunteer team. Taking time to connect with teachers and staff leaders is an irreplaceable part of retaining people who serve in the children’s ministry.
To encourage your team, start using these simple “one minute motivators” today!
Verbal Motivators

  • Make unannounced phone calls to      members of your team. Simply communicating how much you appreciate them is      always a welcome surprise.
  • Give volunteers a special      blessing by taking a moment to pray for them while on the phone or on a      Sabbath morning.
  • Pause at classroom doors and      tell the workers how much you appreciate all they do for kids. (Encourage      parents to do the same.)
  • Tell volunteers that you are      praying for them. Invite your teaching team to pass along their student      prayer requests.
  • Express praise for things you      notice a volunteer doing well.

Written Motivators

  • Send handwritten notes that      express your gratitude. In our electronic world, a handwritten note says,      “You are worth the time and effort.”

Having said all of that…I trust you are blessed with great Volunteers to help with your ministry.

Calendar Updates:

Check out the online Adventist Review (September 25, 2014) for the Week of Prayer Edition which includes the Children’s Readings.

October 5            North Area Adventure Day @ Camp Kulaqua

October 11-13     Go Fish Child Evangelism Program (see web page for details and flyers)

November 1        Creative Ministry Workshop Deltona SDA Church

November 15      Family Ministries Workshop @ Florida Conference Community Room 3-6p  Featuring Kirk Weaver from FAMTIME Ministries

Topics: “Fun & Effective Family Time and God’s Awesome Story”

Praying for safe journeys and the Lord to continue to Bless you and your Ministry.

Mid-Week ‘Minder ASAM Singles 9-24-14

Splink 9-23-14


Dry Ice Smoking Bubbles 9-17-14


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“Life isn’t about building walls and hiding behind them. It’s about breaking them down and expanding beyond them!”  Thought of the Day!

Before the next weekly email it will be officially “Fall”.  According to my calendar we are in the busiest time of the year.  Having said that, I trust all is well and you are planning to stop and take a breath between all your comings and goings.  Remember! “ No one takes as care of you like you do!”

Object Lesson:  Let Your Light Shine  Items Needed For This Free Children’s Church Object Lesson: flashlight (preferably a larger one like a camping lantern), small items to place in battery compartment like nail, key, nail clippers, old jewelry, etc.   Before class remove the battery in your flashlight and replace it with junk. While teaching on “letting your light shine,” use the illustration of the flashlight. Act as if you are going to prove your point of a flashlight’s ability to make light by turning off your classroom light and attempting to turn on the flashlight. When it malfunctions, turn the overhead light back on and attempt to find the problem. Pull all of the garbage out of the light and replace the battery. We can’t shine very brightly for Jesus when we fill our hearts and minds with garbage instead of God’s Word.

Calendar Updates:

September 20  Central Florida Singles    Fellowship Lunch @ Kress SDA Church and “Saturday Night Alive” @ 7:30pm @ Diane Miller’s Home 996 Welch Hill Circle, Apopka  407-703-3050

September 26-29  KidMin Conference @ Columbus, Ohio

October 2-3 D6 Conference @ Louisville, Kentucky

October 4 NAD Children’s Sabbath

October 5 North Zone A Adventurer Fun Day @ Camp Kulaqua

October 11-13  GO FISH Gulf/Central Areas  (See Website for locations and flyers)

November 1 Creative Ministry Workshop Deltona SDA Church

November 15  Family Worship Seminar  Speaker/Presenter Kirk Weaver from FamTim @ Florida Conference Community Room  from 3-6pm


Be sure to go to the Florida Conference Children, Family & Singles Website for more events.

I will be busy packing to go to KidMin and D6 Conference’s next week.  Praying for safe travels and new ideas to share.

Have a great rest of the week.

Until next week.  May God Richly Bless You.

Heat Sensitive Worms 9-12-14

Real Family 9-12-14

Splink 9-17-14


Oct 2014 Be Awesome

All About Fall Chart 9-12-14

Teachers Prayer 9-2014

New Port Richey SDA Church Go Fish For Kids Flyer 10-2014

East Pasco Adventist Academy Go Fish For Kids Flyers 10-2014

Orlando Junior Academy Go Fish For Kids Flyer 10-2014

Family Worship Seminar Flyer for 11-15-2014

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9-12-14 Singles Calendar Update

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Good morning, all……Sorry for not reminding all of you about the activities the last 2 weeks.  I was on vacation and just totally forgot.  Not an excuse, just an explanation                         .  Please note the change to this weekends event.

Important:  Due to the recurring afternoon showers, the Picnic Pot Luck at Meade Gardens has been cancelled.  So get with some friends and enjoy a Sabbath meal together.

A reminder about what’s coming up.  Next Sabbath, September 20th is a full day.  We’ve got our Fellowship Meal at Kress SDA and a party that night at my place.  So plan ahead to come.

Hope everyone is having a great day and a blessed week………..Diane

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The Creative Ministry Team had a great weekend at Maranatha SDA Church in Miami this past Sabbath.  It was a blessing to fellowship and present our workshop in their church.

A special Thank You to the leaders and teachers who took the time to attend.  I find that the Lord always blesses when we are about His work.

In a recent email I noted that Phylis Washington (Director for Children’s Ministry NAD) is retiring soon.  I know the Lord will continue to use her as she moves to another phase in her life.

She has a passion for the children and was an asset to the ministry.  She will be missed.

Here is a resource for you to use.

Object Lesson – God shows his love for us by protecting us. When….
1/4 teaspoon salt
Pinch of pepper
Small cup saucer or plate
Plastic spoon

What you will do during class: 
You will pour a small mound of salt (about 1/4 of a teaspoon), representing God’s people into the middle of the saucer. Then you will drop a very small amount of pepper over the mound of salt. The pepper, representing harm or evil will then be removed using the plastic spoon. First you will rub the spoon vigorously over a piece of clothing to create static electricity. When you place the spoon near the pepper, it will attach itself to the spoon and can be lifted away.
What you will say: 
Today, I would like to show you how we can always trust in our Lord to protect us. Even when circumstances seem hopeless. This saucer can represent the world, that we all live in. I am going to take some salt and place it on the world. This salt represents God’s people. Now as we know the world is full of danger and evil. Let me take some of this pepper, and put it on top of the salt. This pepper represents danger, and it is right on top of God’s people. How can we remove this danger? (Allow for responses and explain how most suggestions would be hopeless or take forever.)
It may seem impossible to us, but God can do miraculous things. Let me show you. (Take the spoon and rub it to create static electricity, then lift off the pepper.) You see, sometimes we are faced with danger and have no clue how to escape. But God is always there for us. He can keep us safe no matter what.

Calendar Updates.

See the Children, Family Ministry Website for Flyers and Central Florida Singles Ministry ASAM weekly events.

September 13     Maranatha SDA Church, Miami Church-wide Leadership Training

October 5            North Zone A Adventurer Fun Day @ Camp Kulaqua

Go Fish… equipping children with the tools to be Disciples of Christ in the spreading of His wonderful message.

October 11      New Port Richey SDA Church

October 12      East Pasco Academy

October 13      Orlando Junior Academy

November 1    Deltona SDA Church  Creative Ministry Workshop

November 15  Family Worship Seminar, Florida Conference Community Room 6-9pm (This is a free seminar sponsored by the Florida Conference. Children, Family, & Singles Ministry

December 12 & 13  Singles Weekend @ Avon Park SDA Church.

Please update your calendars and promote the events in your churches and communities.

Remember to pray for each other and for me and “The Creative Ministry Team”.  Have a great rest of the week and a Blessed Sabbath.

I enjoy getting updates and pictures from you.  Please continue to KEEP IN TOUCH.  Until next week…..

Awesome Dry Ice Experiments 9-4-14

Johnny Appleseed Fingerprint 9-5-14

Splink 9-9-14


SS_workshop_flyer_Deltona November 1, 2014

Family Worship Seminar Flyer for 11-15-2014

VBS Workshop Flyer 2015

Creative Ministry Workshop Naples 1-10-15

Creative Ministry Workshop Marion Oaks Ocala 1-31-15


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