What Adventurers and Pathfinders Leaders wish they heard from their Staff this Adv/PF Year.

10. Oh no! I’m too late to sign up for helping at the lock-in? Can I sign up to help with the next one?
09. I’ve heard my child’s version of the events; now I’d like to hear what REALLY happened.
08. Of course they’ll be at church tonight – church comes before sports in our house.
07. Hey, you’ve been gone all week on the missions trip – let me stay and clean the van.
06. I want to build a friendship with your spouse. I know who lonely it can be.
05. Can you help me understand why you these rules were created for Children and Camping parents.
04. Let us plan the devotional for the next meeting, since you did the last three weeks.
03. I will be at that parent meeting – AND I’ll be prepared to participate!
02. Thank you for a job well done.
01. Thank you for the profound difference you’re making in my child’s life.
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