Eager Beavers


God and Country

Recite the Eager Beaver Pledge
Recite Pledge of Allegiance or national anthem
Pray Independently
Say the Lord’s Prayer
Say the fourth commandment
Say the fifth commandment
Recite Phillippians 4:4
Recite three additional bible verses


School Readiness

Listen to one Bible story book
Listen to one nature story book
Listen to one story of the child’s choice
Listen to two stories about Ellen White’s life
Identify these colors: red, yellow, blue, green, purple and orange


Peform the following tasks: tying shoes, combing hair, brushing teeth and dressing self


Help pack a lunch and then participate in an outdoor activity with family or friends
Do one of the followng chores for a week; wash or dry the dishes, empy the dishwasher, pick up toys, hang up clothes, make the bed or take out the trash



Take a food basket to a needy family or senior citizen
Make and deliver a card to a sick friend or a senior citizen



Earn at least twelve Eager Beaver Chips
(chips completed in each lesson)
Complete a minimum of six craft projects (crafts completed in each lesson)