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I trust you had a great week and took time to be patriotic on Independence Day.

The (mascot) cat in my office has a new name  “Sneakers”.  Thanks for helping with an awesome name.

Look for more of “Sneakers” in the near future.

Today is the birthday of my granddaughter.  She is so excited about being 6 years old.

The anticipation and excitement that goes into planning for ones birthday at that age is great.

I wonder whether we create anticipation in the children that we minister to in our churches.

Do they look forward to the programs?  Do we create our programs with excitement that they

would not want to miss?  I hope that your goal is to make it memorable.

Here are a couple prayer ideas for you to try.

BAND-AID PRAYER-give each person a Band-Aid to put on. This is a reminder

and source for praying for those who are hurting and suffering both physically or


POCKET FULL OF PRAYERS– take your class or youth group on an outing where

there is an abundance of small stones. Ask each person to select a smooth one

about the size of a grape or small plum. Back at the church sand, paint or gloss

each stone. Put all the stones in a pile and Use the stones to build an altar. Then

pray a prayer of community. Give each person a stone to put in their pocket as a

constant reminder of their relationship with God and with others.

Events happening this month:

Creative Ministry Workshop                                                      July 12, 2014 2-5pm @ All Nations SDA Church St Petersburg, Florida

Family Day Rays Game @ the Tropicana Ball Field July 27, 2014  (See our website for details and special rate)

VBS programs are happening all over the Florida  Check with your local church for dates and times.   Get involved!

Have and awesome week.  Praying for you and the children, families and singles in your church.

Walls of Jericho 7-7-2014

Density Divers 7-7-14


Mary Hopkins Rice Ideas

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