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July 16, 2014

Sneakers is adapting quite nicely to the office (see attached photo) always is into something, like the paw is in the candy dish??? You never know where Sneakers will show up next!

The Creative Ministry Team spent and awesome Sabbath with All Nations SDA Church in St Petersburg this past weekend.  Their warm hospitality made for a great time learning and fellowship.

Thank You! All Nations SDA Church!

Sunday will find some of the TEAM at Camp Kulaqua doing the Children’s Programming for the Florida Conference Pastors and families.  Please pray for the TEAM as they minister to the children.

I have a passion for making learning fun and sharing ideas.  So…. In my reading/research this week I came across some ideas for making Memory Verse memorization fun also below is a Prayer time idea.

Learning the Memory verse Idea: 

Find The Other Half: Print some of the quarter’s memory verses on colored slips of paper. Cut these slips in half. Hide one of the halves around the room. Then, give each child one of the remaining half pieces. The child is to find his matching piece only. When all are found, read the verses out loud.

Making Prayer Time Memorable:

Improv the prayer. I have a bunch of “hams” in my class and they love to improv. Divide your kids into pairs or small groups. Assign each group a section of the prayer. Give them 60 seconds to decide how they’ll act out their section. The group should use everyone–no one should be left out. Then you read the prayer and kids run up to act out their portion. It’s fun! You could swap the cards around and keep going for even more fun. If you have puppets, you could allow the kids to use the puppets to demonstrate the prayer.

Next week my weekly email will be late as I will be at camp until Wednesday.

Please feel free to contact me to share ideas, ask for information, or just to chat.

I enjoy your emails and look forward to meeting you some day.

Have an awesome “rest of the week”.

Praying daily for you and your ministry.

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