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It has been an awesome week so far.  I visited with old friends which just made my day.  I visited Kress Memorial Church VBS this past weekend.

It was good to see lots of children enjoying the program.  Good job! Kress Memorial.

I was reviewing the files that Rhoda had saved for me before she left her position at the conference and came across this little bit of humor.

It brought a smile to my heart as I thought about how children think.  So thanks to Rhoda for leaving this for me to share.  Enjoy!


I’m Confused

This is a story about a little girl who, on the way home from church, turned to her mother and

said, “Mommy, the Preacher’s sermon this morning confused me.”

The mother said, “Oh! Why is that?”

The girl replied, “Well, he said that God is bigger than we are. Is that true?”

“Yes, that’s true,” the mother replied.

“He also said that God lives within us. Is that true, too?”

Again the mother replied, “Yes.”

“Well,” said the girl. “If God is bigger than us and He lives in us, wouldn’t He show through?”


School starts shortly and the children will be very busy with their new schedules.

Plan to do special things for them during the school year.

Looking forward to seeing and hearing about your plans.

I have attached the Florida Conference Children, Family and Singles latest calendar.  Check out the website for other resources too.

May God Richly Bless you this next week.

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Florida Conference Children Calendar of events

Family Tea Flyer

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The week is almost gone and I am just getting into the office.  The Florida Conference Ministerial Retreat began Sunday thru yesterday.  My department was responsible for providing programs for the children.  I have put things away and now I am ready to visit with you.  I have included a prayer activity that can be used by families during their worship time or you can use it for family time during your church service.


A powerful way to pray as a family is to follow ACTS.

A – Adoration, telling God how wonderful He is

C – Confession, admitting our sins to God

T – Thanksgiving, expressing our gratitude to God

S – Supplication, asking God for things we need

You may choose to pray through one or all of these sections. Invite anyone who wants to pray to do so.


In reading the Bible today, what are some of the things we learned about God? God judges sin. God pursues us. He calls His people to preach the truth. He often loves us enough to provide second chances. He forgives our sins. Praise the Lord for these things.


The book of Jonah is filled with confession and forgiveness. Jonah confesses and God forgives. The Ninevites confess, and God forgives. Let’s take this time to confess our sins to the Lord.

It is helpful if a parent takes the lead in confessing his or her sin first.


Can you think of a time God gave you a second chance? Are you thankful for His mercy and grace in your life just as He showed mercy and grace to the Ninevites?


Jonah had a hard heart toward the wicked people of Ninevah. Unfortunately, it is easy for us to have a hard heart toward others as well. Let’s take this time and pray specifically for people, for cities, and for nations. Pray for God to give us His heart toward those who are far from Him, and for God to bring to repentance those who need to be saved.

This coming Sunday July 27, 2014 is family day at the Tropicana.  You can get away and watch the Ray’s Game.  Go the Florida Conference Website and look under Children and Family Ministries for discount price and information.

Family Camp at Camp Kulaqua is August 29-Sept 1.  This is an excellent time for families to be together. Plan to be a part of this.  Go to the Camp Kulaqua website and register.  They are working hard to provide a program that your family will not want to miss.  I hope to see you there.  Also look on the Florida Conference website for a flyer regarding a Family Tea that weekend during Family Camp.

I hope that your church either had or will be having a VBS.  Let me know how it went and send pictures.  Check the website out for the VBS report form.

I had a busy but awesome week, Praying that you had a great week too.

Until next week.


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VBS report 2014

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July 16, 2014

Sneakers is adapting quite nicely to the office (see attached photo) always is into something, like the paw is in the candy dish??? You never know where Sneakers will show up next!

The Creative Ministry Team spent and awesome Sabbath with All Nations SDA Church in St Petersburg this past weekend.  Their warm hospitality made for a great time learning and fellowship.

Thank You! All Nations SDA Church!

Sunday will find some of the TEAM at Camp Kulaqua doing the Children’s Programming for the Florida Conference Pastors and families.  Please pray for the TEAM as they minister to the children.

I have a passion for making learning fun and sharing ideas.  So…. In my reading/research this week I came across some ideas for making Memory Verse memorization fun also below is a Prayer time idea.

Learning the Memory verse Idea: 

Find The Other Half: Print some of the quarter’s memory verses on colored slips of paper. Cut these slips in half. Hide one of the halves around the room. Then, give each child one of the remaining half pieces. The child is to find his matching piece only. When all are found, read the verses out loud.

Making Prayer Time Memorable:

Improv the prayer. I have a bunch of “hams” in my class and they love to improv. Divide your kids into pairs or small groups. Assign each group a section of the prayer. Give them 60 seconds to decide how they’ll act out their section. The group should use everyone–no one should be left out. Then you read the prayer and kids run up to act out their portion. It’s fun! You could swap the cards around and keep going for even more fun. If you have puppets, you could allow the kids to use the puppets to demonstrate the prayer.

Next week my weekly email will be late as I will be at camp until Wednesday.

Please feel free to contact me to share ideas, ask for information, or just to chat.

I enjoy your emails and look forward to meeting you some day.

Have an awesome “rest of the week”.

Praying daily for you and your ministry.

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I trust you had a great week and took time to be patriotic on Independence Day.

The (mascot) cat in my office has a new name  “Sneakers”.  Thanks for helping with an awesome name.

Look for more of “Sneakers” in the near future.

Today is the birthday of my granddaughter.  She is so excited about being 6 years old.

The anticipation and excitement that goes into planning for ones birthday at that age is great.

I wonder whether we create anticipation in the children that we minister to in our churches.

Do they look forward to the programs?  Do we create our programs with excitement that they

would not want to miss?  I hope that your goal is to make it memorable.

Here are a couple prayer ideas for you to try.

BAND-AID PRAYER-give each person a Band-Aid to put on. This is a reminder

and source for praying for those who are hurting and suffering both physically or


POCKET FULL OF PRAYERS– take your class or youth group on an outing where

there is an abundance of small stones. Ask each person to select a smooth one

about the size of a grape or small plum. Back at the church sand, paint or gloss

each stone. Put all the stones in a pile and Use the stones to build an altar. Then

pray a prayer of community. Give each person a stone to put in their pocket as a

constant reminder of their relationship with God and with others.

Events happening this month:

Creative Ministry Workshop                                                      July 12, 2014 2-5pm @ All Nations SDA Church St Petersburg, Florida

Family Day Rays Game @ the Tropicana Ball Field July 27, 2014  (See our website for details and special rate)

VBS programs are happening all over the Florida  Check with your local church for dates and times.   Get involved!

Have and awesome week.  Praying for you and the children, families and singles in your church.

Walls of Jericho 7-7-2014

Density Divers 7-7-14


Mary Hopkins Rice Ideas

SS_workshop_flyer_Northwest Dade_Aug 16_2014 (1) (2)

SS_workshop_flyer_All_Nations_July_12_2014 (1) (2)





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Happy 4th of July.

Many of you are on vacation or at least have a day off for the 4th.  In my office I have been busy help churches get what they need for VBS.  Lots of VBS programs are planned for the next few weeks.  I trust you will be a part of one or at least keep the children and leaders attending in your prayers.

Don’t forget about my poor kitty without a NAME….. Still looking for name ideas???????

Things for your Calendar:

Spanish Single’s Retreat @ Camp Kulaqua this weekend.  July 3-6

Creative Ministry Workshop    All Nations SDA Church in St Petersburg on July 12   2-5pm

Creative Ministry Workshop    Northwest Dade Church on August 16  2-5pm

Creative Ministry Workshop      Apopka SDA Church on August 23   2-5pm

Family Camp @ Camp Kulaqua  August 29-September 1  (See Camp Kulaqua website to register)

Creative Ministry Workshop     Maranatha SDA Church  on September 6    2-5pm

Hope to see you are these events.

Check out this for 2014 Children Sabbath program.

This week I found the following idea and thought about you, so I shared it.

Got Prayer,  Family Ministry, Leadership

This family-ministry event equips families to pray together, and it helps make parents aware of their call to weave prayer into the fabric of their family’s everyday life.

Time: About three hours

Details: You’ll need a large activity area ,prayer resources parents can take home, a comfortable area for discussion, breakfast for your attendees, and various materials for
the prayer stations. You’ll also need several volunteers to help families experience the stations.

The Event: We kick off this Saturday-morning event with a prayer of thanks led by our pastor and breakfast for everyone. Then we have kids move to one section of the room where they do crafts, activities, and games related to prayer.

While the kids are learning about prayer, we have a pastor from another church talk with parents about how and why to pray for their children. The pastor leads parents in experiential activities to help them learn about prayer and about the difference it makes in our lives. We give parents a chance to ask questions and also to experience a variety of prayers.

Before the event, we collect prayer resources for parents, such as helpful articles (with reprint permission), samples of Christian parenting periodicals, our own tip sheet with appropriate Scriptures, and a booklet of ideas they can use. Parents are always interested and curious, and they willingly talk about their frustrations, fears, and joys when praying with their children.

For the second half of the event, we invite families to visit our developmentally appropriate prayer stations. Each station is for a specific age group and has instructions to guide the families’ prayer time. Here’s a sampling of our ideas.

Ages Birth to 2-We placed items on the floor toddlers could relate to, such as a large bandage, a photograph of a family and a stuffed animal. We had parents use each item to prompt a prayer of thanks for things such as love, fixed boo-boos, family, and pets.

Ages 3 to 5-We created a “church” using cardboard boxes. Families crawled inside and wrote or drew their prayers on the walls of the cardboard box. Then the entire family discussed
their prayers and closed by praying for each other.

Ages 6 to 9-We placed fire trucks and police cars on the floor. As kids played with the trucks, they said prayers forthe special people who help protect us.

Ages 10 to 12-We set up a television playing nonstop news and placed newspapers on the floor. Kids and parents looked through the papers and chose a news item to pray about.

Overall, we had at least 10 stations. Families were welcome to visit as many as they liked.

This event has been a great success. It’s very moving to see moms, dads, and kids bowing together before God. Many parents tell us this event has helped ease their fears of praying with their

Have an awesome Holiday.  Safe travels.  Praying for the ministry and you.

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