June 11, 2014

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June 11, 2014

Summer Children, Family and Singles Ministries programming for
churches is in full swing.  VBS, Summer Camp, Oshkosh for Pathfinders and family
vacations are all happening now.  For information on upcoming events make sure
you check out the Florida Conference IYM website and Camp Kulaqua websites.
There are still openings for Summer Camp (next week… openings for Junior age
Girls) and Family Camp (Labor Day weekend) at Camp Kulaqua.
A Spanish 6 @ Camp Kulaqua.  Check out the video below and on our web page you will find the flyer etc.
The Video promo for the Singles Retreat CONEXION 2014 is at the following link:  http://youtu.be/Q5cIVVZXHdM
Awesome opportunities are available to you.
Father’s Day is this coming weekend.  I hope you have plan something special to honor the father’s.
Here is a simple idea for a special card.  s Day. Using their thumbprints, the children created pictures of sheep.

The children can draw a shepherd and glue this poem to their picture:

Children are just little lambs
Needing love and care.
We have a Heavenly Shepherd
Who is with us everywhere.
But even on this Earth,
God gave us shepherds, too.
He knew just what I needed.
I’m so glad He gave me you!

Inside their cards, children can glue the preprinted words to Psalm 78:5-7 (New Century Version):
“The Lord made an agreement with Jacob and gave the teachings to Israel, which
he commanded our ancestors to teach to their children. Then their children would
know them, even their children not yet born. And they would tell their children.
So they would all trust God and would not forget what he had done but would obey ”
For those children in your congregation who don’t have dads
living with them, you can encourage them to give their cards to people who have
been like shepherds or fathers to them.

Have an awesome week.  I really enjoy the feed back you give on the ideas that are shared.

Thanks for taking the time to reply and share.
As is my practice I continue to Pray for your and the children you minister to.

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