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Happy Wednesday!

As you know “Cali” the cat retired with Rhoda the end of April.  With the help of my granddaughter I have acquired a New Cat who is in need of a name.  Since this cat while stay with me at the office and possibly do some travelling I would like to have you help me with a name.  Thank You in advance for your help.

This week I have been focusing on things that would make our churches my family friendly.  I find that ideas are easy to find, but actually doing them consistently is a bit of a challenge for most churches.

The following analogy is something to think about.

Making Your Church Family Friendly:

Wildebeest, also known as gnu or African antelope, mate and give birth to their young during their annual migration to the Serengeti plains in Tanzania, East Africa. Hyenas also roam the Serengeti, stalking the wildebeest calves. Aware of these predators, a mother wildebeest immediately upon giving birth begins nudging the weak newborn to its feet. It is not uncommon to see hyenas stalk the helpless young within minutes of birth. In an effort to protect her calf, the mother will counterattack. But the hyenas, working as a pack, often keep the mother distracted until a lone predator can get the calf.

Observers tell us that thousands of wildebeest graze nearby, raising their heads to watch this drama as it unfolds. If they acted together, they could easily outnumber the hyenas. But not one wildebeest makes a move to help mother or calf.

The wildebeest herd typifies a dysfunctional church(quite the opposite of a family-friendly church that makes ministry family-centered and church-supported). Family-friendly churches recognize that parents have the primary responsibility for the spiritual nurture of the child. But at the same time the church stands ready to assist and support the ministry of the home.

Three ways family-friendly churches offer support are by:

  1. Making church child-friendly.
  2. Making church a safe place for children to accept Jesus.
  3. Supporting and training parents for discipleship of the child.

I pray that we would search for ways to implement this in our churches.

I received an email from Diane Brown from Nathaniel’s Hope.  She sent the following information regarding special needs children. Check it out.  It is a great resource.

“We are a resource for churches that would like to start special needs ministry. Nathaniel’s Hope offers training and equips ministries to help families through a once a month program called Buddy Break.

I have sent you a link to our website and sent you a link where the Daily Herald in Chicago IL did a story about Buddy Break. It’s a great video.”



I trust you will have a great week. I pray for you and your ministry daily.

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