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May 28, 2014

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May 28, 2014
Greetings from Camp Kulaqua.  Sunday is the start of camp.  Lots of exciting things are being planned for the campers this summer.
Check out the Camp Kulaqua website.  We still have openings for campers.  I would love to see and meet your children this summer.

Bubble Prayers;
Get your kids engaged in prayer while you blow bubbles.

Lord, I’m blowing my bubbles for you. (blow bubbles)
I’m blowing my troubles up to you.  (blow bubbles)
Just like when they go “Pop!”  (pop bubbles)
You can help them disappear and stop!
Lord, I’m blowing my bubbles up to you.  (blow bubbles)
I’m blowing my troubles to you. (blow bubbles)
(by Lisa Plowman Dolensky, Children’s Ministry Magazine May/June 2014)

This week I came across this activity and thought Bubbles was a great way to involve our children.
I have talking with some of you about your plans for VBS this summer.  It is awesome how creative you all are.

The Lord will Bless the children and you.
Please be sure to check out our website for other great ideas.
If you are in the Orlando area plan to come to the Grand Opening/Open House for the new Florida Conference Office on Sunday, June 1st.
Detail are on the Florida Conference website.
Hope to see you there and visit with
Also there is a Parenting Workshop this weekend at Forest Lake Church.  Check our website for the flyer and details.
Family Day at the Tropicana Field Flyer and info is also on our website.

Continuing to pray for you and your ministry.

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May 21, 2014

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Summer is upon us.  I know lots of preparation is happening, some of you are
planning a VBS for the children of your church/neighborhood, Others are helping
Pathfinders to go Oshkosh for the camporee. If you still need options there is
Red Zone this coming weekend. (contact the Conference Pathfinder department for
more information) also Summer Camp at Camp Kulaqua (ages 7-16) is a great
22)  go to the website                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            click on summer camp for availability and
details.  All are great things with which to get your children involve.  I will
be praying for whatever option you choose to get the children involved

Earlier this week I found the following illustration based on John 3:16
A little boy and his father visited a country store. Upon leaving the
store the owner of the store offered the boy some free candy. “Get a hand full
of candy”, the merchant said to the boy. The boy just stood there looking up at
his father. The owner repeated himself, “Son get a hand full of candy, it’s
free.” Again the boy did not move, continuing to look up in the face of his
father. Finally, the father reached into the candy jar and got a hand full of
candy and gave it to his son. As they walked back home, the father stopped and
asked his son why he did not grab a hand full of the free candy. The boy with a
big smile on his face looked into the face of his father and said “Because I
know that your hand is bigger than mine.” In your time of sorrow and grief,
place it in your Father’s hand because His hand is bigger than yours.

Keep this in mind if you find yourself thinking you are alone.                                                                                                                                                                                                        Count on your Heavenly Father to hold your hand…”His hand IS bigger than yours”.

Have a great rest of the week.

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Be Awesome News letter 6-2014

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May 14, 2014

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In my devotional yesterday I came across this story:

A Florida man who was issued two traffic tickets totaling $1050.00 in fines found a creative way to express his anger.  He paid the fines in pennies.  It took seventeen sacks and several trips for James Lundy III to carry his fine into the St. Lucie County courthouse.  The traffic division accepts cash for fine payments, so the court couldn’t refuse the pennies, even though traffic division employees had to spend hours labeling penny rolls.

Just in case you are wondered, Lundy’s fine totaled 105,000 pennies.  At least he left them in the little paper rolls.  Our anger can cause us to lash out and hurt others.  We may applaud Lundy’s creativity, but still—is there a better way he could have expressed his anger about the high traffic fines?   Ephesians 4:26 (Clear Word) says “If you get upset, don’t focus on your feelings until your filled with hatred.  Let go of anger and before nightfall turn everything over to the Lord.”

Just food for thought.  I trust you are having a good week.  Today I leave for Camp Kulaqua to meet with the staff and work on programming for the upcoming Summer Camp.  I would love to see your children at camp this summer.  Check out the Camp Kulaqua, Summer Camp website.  I know the children will enjoy being at camp and the Lord will Bless.  The 1st week of camp starts June 1 and has openings available and it is easy to register.  Hope to see you there.

Also here are a few websites that maybe helpful to you.

Check out this book:  Why Nobody Wants To Go To Church Anymore  by Thom & Joani Schultz  Group Publishing


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Safe Snack Guide 5-2014

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Film Canister Explosions – A Sick Science Experiment _ Experiments _ Steve Spangler Science

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May 7, 2014

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“ You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart,” (declares the Lord) Jeremiah 29:13

If we seek the Lord, He promises we will find Him.  The question is when we find Him will we share Him?  We as children’s ministry leaders/teachers have lots of opportunity to share our Lord to children every day.  I trust that this is your goal as you minister to children.  Continuing to Pray for His Guidance.

Check out this website:

Into the Wild Nature Ministries

” Revealing The Creator Through His Creation”

Michael A Bradenbaugh,  813-269-4339

Apopka FL Forest Lake SDA 5-14

Vacation Bible School Programs Inventory

Vacation Bible School Programs Inventory


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4 Steps to Manage Ministry Risk

7 Principles For Doing Life Together

Dos and don’ts for safety awareness

3 Steps to Keeping Ministry Safe.pdf

Square Bubble  Experiments  Steve Spangler Science

Judy Smith

Florida Conference Children’s and Family Ministries


863-205-1358 cell

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