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April 24, 2013

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April is quickly flying by.  With crazy weather all over the country, I hope you are faring well.

Background checks are now ready to be completed by all who work with children in your church.  Florida conference pastors and Children’s Ministry directors have received a mailing with the information needed to get this underway in your church.  I have attached the information again.  It is vital that we get this done soon.  Follow the instructions on the attached letter get your training and screening completed.  A few of you have done this already.  Great!!

As I mentioned last week,  we are bringing Sabbath School workshops to you rather than making everybody come to one central location.  Recently we have been to Plantation and Pompano.  We have one scheduled for Tampa May 4, one in Lakeland Sept. 28, one at Forest lake Church Nov. 9 and are working on securing one on the central east coast in June.  If your church is wanting to host a workshop, let me know.

Vacation Bible schools will be starting in just over a month.  Do you have yours scheduled?  If you do, let me know when and what program you are using.  I am working on the one for our church.  And I know it will be fun!

I want to get this sent, posted and attachments posted.

Until next time, God bless.

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Splinks for April 21st 2013


Office Paper Toss-Preteen Game



Ball Pass Bible Verse Memorization Idea

How To Guarantee Your Child Will Stay In Church

Weaving Fantastic Stories  Make your own castle


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April 18, 2013

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Campmeeting is history for this year.  It was a very busy but exciting time.  All the weather reports were dismal, but they were wrong!  The weather was perfect.

I have posted pictures from the kids classes.  You can find them at  Check under photosets for the different classes.

All our classes grew this year.  Some reached maximum for their locations.  If you were there and have some pictures to share, please email me.

The Background check system thru Shield The Vulnerable is up and running!!!!!  You can begin your screening now.  I have attached the necessary information for you to begin.  Please read the letter and follow the instructions given.  I have taken the training and done the screening.  The training is very valuable.  It takes about an hour and a half but does not need to be done at one time.  The screening form is available after you take the training.

Preteen Ministry has some great materials for you if you teach that age.  I am posting info a a cool game for the kids. Check them often, join their email list, and you may be surprised with some freebies.

Save the date of Nov. 1-3 for a training for parents and leaders.  This is to teach you how to use nature to teach spiritual lessons to children.  You will want to be there.

There is a Sabbath School Workshop scheduled for the afternoon of Sept. 28, in Lakeland.  If you are interested in a Sabbath School workshop in your area for the area churches, contact me and we will work out a date.  We are bringing the workshops to you this year.

Vacation Bible Schools will be beginning soon.  Let me know if you are having one, when, and what program you are using.   Are you planning to have a Preschool VBS in conjunction with your VBS?

Group has some nice videos available for download.  They are at a reasonable price.  Go to  and under children’s ministry click on videos.  You can preview most of them.  They also have music available for download.

The Power Bible has a site with some resources you may want.  Go to

Now I must get this posted and attachments added.  You will find this at

Until next time, God bless,

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Splinks for April 7th 2013

Splinks for April 14th 2013


May 13  ParentLink

Blood_of_Jesus_Part_1  Family time activity

May 13 Be Awesome  Be Awesome Newsletter

The Big Problem With Family Ministry

ADHD_seen_in_11_percent_of_kids_as_diagnoses_rise (1)

Artificial Maturity


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April 5, 2013

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I know this is late and there will not be a posting next week.. The reason-Camp Meeting!!  I hope you will have the opportunity to attend.  Great things are planned for your children.  Check out the promo videos at

The VBS workshops are over for this year.  If you are planning a Vacation Bible School, please let me know the dates and which program you are using. You can see pictures from the workshops on the ministry Facebook page at

All who attended the workshops had a great time.  And I really enjoyed fellowshipping with the people who attended.  We have a lot of dedicated Children’s Ministry people in our churches.

I need to get this posted and continue camp meeting prep.  See you there!!

Until next time, God bless.

Attachments follow:

Splinks for March 31st 2013


Apr 13  ParentLink Newsletter

HomeFront Magazine Apr 2013

HB Kidology April 2013  Heritage Builders bulletin insert

FunFoodFaithDevotional_March 13

FunFoodFaithDevotional_April 13

ADHD_seen_in_11_percent_of_kids_as_diagnoses_rise (1)

Rhoda Burrill

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Around the Conference…

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TECHNOLOGY REIGNS! Three of our schools have recently replaced textbooks with IPADs, eliminating the weight of the proverbial backpack and rendering the phrase “The Dog Ate My Homework” obsolete. Congratulations to Forest Lake Academy, Greater Miami Adventist Academy, and Miami Springs Adventist School.

IRON CHEF COMPETITION. On March 13, Orlando Junior Academy invited local celebrity chefs and community leaders to serve on a panel of judges for their 5th – 8th grade Iron Chef competition. Students worked in teams to  create healthy and tasty dishes from recipes using fresh ingredients harvested from the school’s own garden. The competition was the final exam for the students’ 9-week Nutritional Science Lab unit.

SCHOOLS UNITE!  William A. Kirlew Jr Academy middle school students, their teachers and principal were guests for the Sawgrass Adventist School’s Valentines’ Day Friendship Banquet. Students were judged on traits discussed in their Life Skills after school groups, including their ability to hold polite conversation,  proper table manners, and appearance befitting a young woman or man of God. After judges’ scores were tallied, an Etiquette King and Queen were chosen.  “We have had a number of exciting events at our school this year,” Principal Kathy McCullough reports. “In the past few weeks, we had an awesome Social Studies Fair and a great Multi-Cultural Banquet.  Our Valentine’s Friendship Banquet was especially meaningful since we invited guests from our sister school in Miami.”

‘TIS THE SEASON….FOR CLASS TRIPS!  Students from Florida Conference Schools and their teachers are traversing the state and beyond as they expand their knowledge of the world around them. Pictured (above) in front of the United States Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.  are Jesse Benton and his 9th grade students from Z.L. Sung Seventh-day Adventist School in Gainesville. “It was a little cold for their Florida blood, but we had a great time,” says Jesse. In addition to the Capitol, the students visited the Supreme Court, Washington Monument, World War II Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, Korean War Memorial, several Smithsonian Museums, Antietam Battlefield, Harpers Ferry, and much more.

FAMOUS GROUP PERFORMS. The internationally noted Yale University “Spizzwinks” presented a concert for the James E. Sampson Memorial Seventh-day Adventist School in Fort Pierce at the Indian River State College’s Fine Arts Theater on March 15. The performers followed up by visiting the school and praying with the students in each classroom. “It was a truly inspiring and entertaining concert,” reports Principal Deborah Dahl, who planned the event.The “Yale Spizzwinks” are known as  America’s first and oldest underclassman a cappella group. Since 1914, they have entertained audiences around the world with a unique blend of sweet harmony and tongue-in-cheek humor.

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Professional Development and Recertification Credit Close to Home!

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Whether you are brand new to Florida Conference or have been here for awhile and want to “sharpen the saw,” you have a menu of training opportunities right within our conference. Call or e-mail Betty Jean Mader or Alejandra Torres to sign up today! The following trainings will be offered in Orlando this summer:

Responsive Classroom – Grades K-5 – June 3-7 (Required for new employees)

Developmental Designs – Grades 6-9 – June 3-7 (Required for new employees)
Stepping Stones Unit Planning – single grade or combination kindergarten programs – June 3-7

Grades 5-8 Curriculum Planning (Suitable for single and multi-grade teachers) – June 3-7

Writers’ Workshop Clinic – Grades K-5 – June 10-21. (This training will help you fine-tune your writing program. Teachers will practice what they learn while working with real students during this two week course.)

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Florida Teachers Join Carolina Conference in Teachers of Excellence Project

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Valmae Lowry, first- and second-grade teacher at Orlando Junior Academy and Dr. Eudora Stephens, fourth- and fifth-grade teacher at Beryl Wisdom Adventist School in Orlando have recently become part of a pilot project leading to the Southern Union Teachers of Excellence Award. Created by Dr. Pam Forbes of the Carolina Conference, the “test pilot” has invited teachers from Carolina, Georgia-Cumberland and South Altantic Conferences to share expertise, coach one another via Virtual Learning Communities, and develop expertise in six components: Integration of Faith and Learning, Determining the Learners’ Instructional Needs, Delivering Instruction, Planning Curriculum, The Learning Environment, and Exhibiting Professionalism.

Valmae and Eudora began their involvement with the project in February, attending the kick-off meeting at the Carolina Conference, where they completed an initial self-assessment; listened to presentations by Dr. Bernice McCarthy; participated in brainstorming sessions; and became part of a virtual EDGE coaching group. “I am always looking for ways to grow as a teacher,” states Valmae, a 20-year veteran to the Florida Conference. “This is a great opportunity to discover new ideas that are unique to my own needs.”

We look forward to future reports as these teachers gain valuable skills that will benefit our conference.

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Superintendents Plan New Direction

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At the last Board of Education meeting, Dr. Sandra Doran reported on the Office of Education’s strategic planning session which set the direction for some major upcoming changes. With a foundational belief that “all children have the right to reach their God-given potential,” the Office is committed to “grow teachers, nurture children, and live Christ’s love,” reports Arne Nielsen, Vice President for Integrated Youth Ministries. This year’s thematic goal is to find a way to create a “differentiated professional growth model,” Nielsen says. “We need to get our teachers connected with one another and working on goals that matter to them.”

In order to accomplish this task, the Office is investigating various technology solutions, including such things as virtual learning communities. The goal is to tie evaluation, professional development, study groups, and inservices together, resulting in meaningful experiences that are tailored to the needs of each teacher.

View the Board of Education presentation here:

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Hiring Season in Full Swing

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With 200 teachers serving our children, there is always a lot of action in the Florida Conference, says Frank Runnels, Superintendent. And this is the time of year when things really ramp up.

As our current teachers indicate their plans for next year, the Office of Education invariably discovers that there are a number of positions to fill. Teachers retire. Re-locate. Go on extended mission trips. Pursue full-time study. Prayerfully, our team begins to make contact with Adventist universities, pour over resumes, set up interviews.

“Our goal is to maintain the high quality of teachers that Florida Conference is known for,” says Arne Nielsen, Vice President for Integrated Youth MInistries. “We have an outstanding team here. Each opening must be filled by someone whose skill, faith, and compassion equal that of the teachers that are already in place.”

This year, Rachel Torres (right) has the distinction of being our first new hire for the 2013-2014 school year, filling the position of first- and second-grade teacher at Forest City Adventist School in Altamonte Springs. Hailing from Forest Lake Academy (2008) and Southern Adventist University (2012), Rachel lives her life by one of her favorite quotations from the book, Education, by Ellen White.

The heart of the child is tender and easily impressed; and when we who are older become “as little children” (Matthew 18:3); when we learn the simplicity and gentleness and tender love of the Savior, we shall not find it difficult to touch the hearts of the little ones, and teach them love’s ministry of healing.

As each day passes, new names appear beside Rachel’s on our list of new hires. We wish our departing teachers God’s richest blessings and pray that God will continue to guide as we find just the right match for each school, classroom, and child poised for new learning in the 2013-2014 school year.

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