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January 31, 2013

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We are already almost into the second month of the year.  Children’s and Family Ministries has been busy this month and the calendar says that February will be the same.

I have posted the mp3’s from 2012 Children’s Pastors’ Conference.  I know,  CPC 2013 has already taken place.  I hope to have D6 Conference mp3’s posted within the week.  Following that I will get KidMin  2012 posted.  Hopefully I will get this finished before the CPC 2013 mp3’s arrive!!  But don’t hold me to it.

I few sites for you to check out:  Granny’s DoJo is a really neat game for learning the Books of the Bible.    A social network/ CM resources for kidmin people.  Join.  It is free  There is a free membership along with paid memberships  Pajama Hub has free kidmin training  free and paid resources

VBS workshops are coming soon.  Posters and flyers have been mailed to all the churches.  I will also be posting them on the website.  We will be presenting Kingdom Rock.  You can get more info on the program at

OOPS!!  Just got the CPC 2013 mp3’s.  Guess I better get to work.  It took me 15 hours to get CPC2012 uploaded.

Now to get this posted and the attachments added.


Until next time, God bless.

Attachments follow:

flyer  VBS Workshops

poster  VBS poster

Splinks for January 27th 2013

Sticky52_FollowJesus  last one.

signs and symptons of child abuse

Child Abuse and Neglect-The National Scope

A Parent’s Guide To Internet Safety




10 Wacky Olympic Games for Kids Ministry


Rhoda Burrill

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January 24, 2013

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This month is going by so quickly for me.  Jan. 6-9 we were in Daytona for the Southern Union Ministerial meetings.  We had over 225 kids.  With all those kids we had no major discipline issues, no injuries, no escaped kids, and no disgruntled parents.  I would call that a success.  For safety reasons, we did not take pictures.

Next it was Children’s Pastors’ conference.  It was at Coronado Springs resort at Disney.  So many great seminars and general sessions.  I will be getting the mp3’s soon.   No promises as to when I will get them posted.  The exhibit hall was great, as usual.  I brought back some great resources and a “few” give-aways.  I now have 4 full boxes of give-aways for the VBS workshops.  But you need to be there to get them!

The mailing for the VBS workshops has gone out.  Your church should receive it soon.  I have attached the flyer and the poster.  Feel free to make as many copies as you need.

I have some 12 in 12 Family Edition books available.  If you want some, let me know.

The new newsletter for CM volunteers is available.  I will be posting it.  It is customizable for your church   I will also be catching up on ParentLink, Heritage Builders, Splink, and Family Time.

At the CPC exhibit hall I came across a company with new Bible story apps.  The first app, David and Goliath, is free.  You can get more info here:

Florida Hospital For Children has a “mascot” named Doc Fu.  Check him out at   There are games and videos for your kids.  They also have trading cards you can download and print.  They all have characters that teach good health tips.

Don’t forget your Year-end reports.  Get them to me by the end of the month-Florida Conference churches only.

I must get this sent so I can get the attachments posted.  Find them at


Until next time, God bless

Attachments follow:

flyer  VBS

poster  VBS

Splinks for January 6th 2013

Splinks for January 13th 2013

Splinks for January 20th 2013


Feb 13  Be Awesome-newsletter for your volunteer staff

Jan 13  ParentLink

Feb 13  ParentLink

Bulletin insert January 2013  Heritage Buildres

PuzzleMaker  Family Time

Catching the Impossible G

Healing Hearts


A Lesson About Forgiveness

Parable-The Pharisee and the Publican part 1  Music from Seeds Family Worship

Y-E CM report 12

Y-E CM report 12


Rhoda Burrill

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January 4, 2013

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Another year has come so we are another year closer to the coming of our Savior.

I hope all of you had a great holiday season.  Our family had a great time.  Time for family and a change of pace.  We went kayaking on the St Johns River, experienced the passion play at Holy Land Experience, spent a day at the Magic Kingdom, and just spent time with family.  One day my husband and daughter played golf.  Me—I would rather go to the office, so I did.

Next week is the Southern Union Ministerial meetings in Daytona.  We are ready to take on the 400+ kids.   Packed the van Thurs.  We ask for your prayers as we minister to these PK’s.  The demands and expectations on pastor’s kids is greater than for other kids.  Having 4 PK’s of my own, I know how difficult this can be.

I read an interesting one page article in Smithsonian Magazine the other day and copied it to share with you.  It is about the importance of pretending in the development of children.  I will attach it on the website with this newsletter at

Talking about newsletters, Group Publishing is putting out a new one for CM leaders to share with their volunteer staff.  I will attach the sample with this letter.  It is customizable.  The first one will be available in a couple months.  I will be sharing it with you.

Background checks

As with so many things in life, there is a hitch in the plans for a Jan. 1 roll-out.  Below is the letter from Rhonda Harper, Florida Conference Risk Manager.

Volunteer Background Screenings

The Florida Conference recently signed an agreement with Shield the Vulnerable, a service of, Adventist Risk Management, and the North American Division, to perform the service of volunteer background screenings and training.  Once the webpage is set up for the Florida Conference, each church will receive notification on how to proceed with this service which involves on line training and background screening for anyone working with our youth.  In the meantime, we will not be processing any more background screenings under Protect My Ministries during this transition time. If you have recently submitted applications for background screenings, they might be returned to you.

The IYM Convention scheduled for Aug. at FLA, has been cancelled due to budgetary issues.  I am working on other plans and hope to be able to share them soon.

Biblical Parenting is coming to Orlando.  Here is the info on that.

Everyday Parents CAN Raise Extraordinary Kids

Presented by Dr Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller, RN, BSN

Saturday, January 19

8:45 am to 2:30 noon

Faith Assembly

9307 Curry Ford Road

Orlando, Florida 32825

To learn more about this seminar, click here. A children’s program is provided to complement what the adults are learning. The cost is $25 per adult and $40 per couple. Sign up online at or call (407) 275-8790.

Learn ways to help your child be internally motivated to do the right thing, not just wait for rewards or try to avoid punishment. No matter how old your child is, you’ll gain practical ideas for addressing the heart.

The online CM training courses can be found on the Kids’ Ministry Ideas site. You will need to set up an account. It is free.

Check the calendar on the website and plan to attend the VBS workshop and Campmeeting.  See you there.

Now to get this posted and the attachments attached.  I have a lot of catching up to do.

Until next time, God bless,

Attachments follow: 

Splinks for December 23rd 2012

Splinks for December 30th 2012


BeAwesome_Sample  newsletter for volunteers

Pretending Smithsonian

4 Ways Not to Be a Ministry Goon on Social

Consequences are like dominoes OL

CVC May 2012

CVC June 2012

CVC July 2012

CVC August 2012


Rhoda Burrill

Florida Conference Children’s and Family Ministries

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