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December 19, 2012

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Christmas is only a few days away.  My prayer is that you have a blessed, peaceful, family-filled holiday.

This will be brief.

Don’t forget about the background checks.  They are required by the Florida Conference as of Jan. 1, 2013.

Biblical Parenting is coming to Orlando

Everyday Parents CAN Raise Extraordinary Kids

Presented by Dr Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller, RN, BSN

Saturday, January 19

8:45 am to 2:30 noon

Faith Assembly

9307 Curry Ford Road

Orlando, Florida 32825

To learn more about this seminar, click here. A children’s program is provided to complement what the adults are learning. The cost is $25 per adult and $40 per couple.

Learn ways to help your child be internally motivated to do the right thing, not just wait for rewards or try to avoid punishment. No matter how old your child is, you’ll gain practical ideas for addressing the heart.

Come and join us. You’ll be glad you did!

I will be posting a few attachments for you.  Otherwise, have a safe holiday and I will see you next year!!

God bless,

Attachments follow:

Splinks for December 9th 2012

Splinks for December 16th 2012


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Nativity Story






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Rhoda Burrill

Florida Conference Children’s and Family Ministries

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December 5, 2012

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Another week, another month, and almost another year.  Surely there cannot be many more years left on this old earth.  We need to heed the urgency and work to introduce Jesus into the lives of our children and families!

I have recently read 2 books to do reviews on.  They are both great books and all of you would benefit from reading and implementing them.  They are The Story of Your Life by Matthew West and Angela Thomas, and 52 Creative Family Time Experiences by Timothy Smith.  You can find the reviews on the news page at where I post these emails.  I also posted reviews at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  I already have a recipient of the 52 Creative Family Time book.  I have more than one copy and one has gone into my giveaway box.

I have a $20 discount coupon for Children’s Pastors’ Conference if anyone plans to go and has not registered yet.  Let me know if you can use this.  It expires Dec. 12.  It is good for an entire ministry team.  Wish I had had it when I registered.

Impact Orlando is an event for June 23-30.  It is coordinated by the Youth Department.  Children’s Ministry will be having a revised Go Fish For Kids where we will be doing day-long classes in three ministries-puppetry, face painting, and ballooning.  Kids will need to register and there will be a fee.  More details later.  I will attach the info once a get it in a format I can post.

Biblical Parenting is coming to Orlando.  Here is their info:

Cooperation, Consequences, and Keeping Your Sanity

Presented by Bob and Joy Chambers

Saturday, November 10

9:00 am to 2:30 pm

People of Faith

228 Windermere Road

Winter Garden, Florida 34787

The cost is $20 per adult, $30 per couple. Lunch will be provided. A children’s program is provided to complement what the adults are learning. To learn more about this seminar, click here. Sign up online at or call (407) 877-3937.

You’ll learn practical ways to move from a behavior modification approach to a heart-based approach to parenting in the everyday routines of family life. These tools and ideas are for parenting children ages 2-18.

This seminar is provided by the National Center for Biblical Parenting and is a practical, biblical approach to working with kids. You’ll be grateful you attended because you’ll go away encouraged and equipped.

Adventist Risk Management has some great YouTube videos.  Check them out at   Be sure to watch the Child Predators video.

NAD Children’s Ministry now has some of the Children’s Ministry Certification classes online.  Go to and login or sign up.  There are 6 classes now with more to come.

DON’T FORGET to send in your Year End report next month.  Also the background checks!!!  It is required policy as of Jan. 1, 2013.  You can find the forms here:

Now to get this sent, posted and attachments done.

Until next time, God bless,

Attachments follow:

Splinks for November 18th 2012

Splinks for December 2nd 2012


Y-E CM report 12  PDF

Y-E CM report 12  Word


Chocolate Christmas

The Reason for Hope


The Power of a Bandaid

Special Needs Inclusion Strategies

More Than a Few Good Men

Single Parent Ministry Ideas

Stressed out Kids 


Rhoda Burrill

Florida Conference Children’s and Family Ministries

407-644-5000 x136


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Book Reviews

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Review of The Story Of Your Life

by Matthew West and Angela Thomas

Reviewed by Rhoda Burrill

Children’s and Family Ministries Director

Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists



I found this book to be a riveting read.  Anyone could read this book and find their story there.  Stories were happy, sad, encouraging , insightful, inspiring.  You laugh, you cry, you sympathize, you empathize,  you want to help, you want to change your life.  You see discouragement, hope and changed lives.

The authors’ responses made you stop and think. They drew from their own life experiences and their faith as they responded to each story.  I could not stop reading.

I highly recommend this book.  There is also a DVD-CD Church Resource Package available which expands on the book.

When you read this book, be sure to have a box of tissues close at hand.  You will need them.


Review of 52 Creative Family Time Experiences

Timothy Smith

Reviewed by Rhoda Burrill

Children’s and Family Ministries Director

Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists



I recently read this fantastic book on family worship.  It captured my attention from beginning to end.

As to the end, I think the reader should read the Introduction, then the Peanut Butter Families, followed by the Conclusion.  The Conclusion puts the entire book in perspective.  It clearly tells you the WHY of the rest of the book.

Each of the 52 experiences is Bible-based.  The activities are done to help children understand scripture.  They are fun and thought-provoking.  There are discussion questions which can be adapted for different ages of children, and prayer is the final step of bringing the lesson home.

I also liked the format.  There is a Family Faith Plan to help you consider the different learning languages of your children.  You will learn what those learning languages are and ways to use them while being spiritual parents for your children.

Use the materials in this book to set up EPIC moments for your children.  What is EPIC?  It is experiential, participatory, image-rich, and connected.  These steps will help you to reach today’s children for Jesus.

The entire concept of this book is based on Deuteronomy 6:5-9.  I especially appreciated this as I consider Deuteronomy 6 as the Biblical guideline for parents.  God gave us this guideline, and this book helps you to understand it and gives you tools to implement it.

The 52 activities are all simple and easy to prepare for.  There is a list of materials for each session.  Most all items are something you already have in your home.  There are also holiday activities.  You do not have to start at 1 and go through to 52.  Maybe you need to cover a particular issue or Bible story.

I highly recommend this book.  I will be purchasing additional copies and sharing them.

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