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October 24, 2012

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Go Fish For Kids is over for this year.  It was a FANTASTIC weekend. It was such a blessing.  Now to plan for next year.  I have posted the pictures on the website at and some of the videos on my and my department Facebook pages.  I have a few more video clips to post. And Cali went with us.  She really enjoyed attending the classes.  She even got to be part of the puppetry presentation.

It is time to start thinking about submitting your Year End Report.  I have attached it for you.  Try to get them submitted as early in Jan. as you can.  NAD Children’s Ministry budget is based on all our reports.

The Kids Ministry Ideas website now has some online certification available.  Here is the site:   You need an account but it is free.  There are several there and more will be added as they are available.

There are going to be some changes in the Junior GraceLink Sabbath School curriculum.  You can finds out more information on that at  You can download this video on RealPlayer.  I am also going to paste it on the Resource page of the website.

For those of you who attended the Sept. Go Fish Convention, you got the links to the child protection resources from Risk Management.  You can find them at  There are several booklets regarding child protection that you will want to download and share.  Browse the website.  You will find a lot of valuable information.  Watch the video, “Predator at the Door” at  Also, check out the site for The 7 Campaign at   For the Florida Conference, background checks on everyone who works with kids, will be mandatory beginning Jan. 1.  Information and training will be forthcoming soon.  Watch for it.

I am hoping to get the CPC, D6, and KidMin mp3’s and videos posted over the next few weeks.  Watch for them on the Restricted Resources page of the website (Florida Conference members only).


I will be on Sabbatical for a month beginning Oct. 29.  I will continue to check my emails but will not be checking office voicemail.  I will not be coming to the office.  We plan to visit grandchildren and relax.  I also plan to catch up on some long-neglected reading.  But the best part is that I will not have to set my alarm!!  If you will need something from me while I am absent, you have until noon on Fri.

I do need to get this out and posted on the website at  And also post some attachments.

Until the end of November, God bless,

Attachments follow:  These should give you plenty to read

Y-E CM report 12  Year End Report 2012

Y-E CM report 12  Year End Report 2012

Splinks for October 14th 2012

Splinks for October 21st 2012




A Theology of Hazing

God Gives Me Strength

bible verses about children

bible verses about children































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October 10, 2012

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It has been a long time since we “talked”.  I have been to the D6 Conference in Dallas.  It was fantastic!.. I left a day early in order to get to the KidMin Conference in Chicago.  That was over the top!  I then went to Andrews University for a couple days to spend time with our daughter.   I got home Thurs. evening to the pouring rain.

I had to ship 4 boxes to the office of all the resources I collected and all the freebies.  I already have 2 full boxes of give-aways for the next event.  Group is so generous.  Freebies everywhere!

I got to the office to find it taken over by Go Fish For Kids toolboxes, and the storeroom taken over by puppets!  Now to corral all of them.  Go Fish For Kids starts next Sabbath, Oct. 20, at Midport SDA Church.  Kids ages 5-14 are welcome to come.  The hours are 9-4.  Dress is casual.  Just bring your own lunch.  The 21st we will be at the West lam Beach school and thefollowing day at Sawgrass school.  Here are a few pics of the prep work for GFFK.









Biblical Parenting has a book called The Family Challenge.  You can download it here:

Randall House also has a sample book you can down load here:  It is only the first 35+ pages. 52 Creative Family Time Experiences.

Family Time (www.famtime.comn ) has this month’s free family time activity here:  There is also a video of this activity.  I will post it with this email at  It may take me a little time to do that as I haven’t uploaded it to the server yet.

I will be taking a 1 month Sabbatical from Oct. 29 to Nov. 27.  If you will be needing anything from me during that time, get your request in now as I will be trying to be on a media fast.  We plan to visit the grandchildren and just relax and refuel.

I still have amny of the 12 in 12 Family Edition.  If you want some for the families in your church, let me know.  They are free.

Now to get this posted on the website and add the attachments.

Until next time, God bless.

Attachments follow:


Family Time Training When Bad Things Happen

bulletin insert Oct 2012  Heritage Builders

Oct 2012  Inspired Newsletter

Sept 12  Parent Link

Oct 12  Parent Link

Nov 12  Parent Link



Splinks for September 23 2012

Splinks for September 30 2012

Splinks for October 7th 2012

Jesus Frees You From Fear


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