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August 29, 2012

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It has been and continues to be an eventful week.  With a hurricane and a convention, we see the country focused on these events when we should be focused on our Savior.

I was at the memorial service for Arlene Olson on Monday.  She is the mother of Naomi, one of my core volunteers.  I had only met her mother one time, but I was privileged to meet her through her family, friends, church, and colleagues.  She was a blessing to many.  Naomi, we are praying for you and your family.  Your Mom was a neat lady!

If you follow me or Children’s and Family Ministries on Facebook, you have met Cali.  She is my new assistant.  I will post a picture so you can meet her.  She has been encouraging you to come to the convention.  She will be there and is anxious to meet you.

Convention plans are coming together.  It is only a couple weeks away.  My office is cluttered with all the things I need to bring-folders  and giveaways are just a few.  And Cali has been keeping me on track.  Bring your certification forms as there are several seminars that you can get signed off on.  If you don’t have, or can’t find a form, I will have them available.



Cali satisfied with the folders.


Go Fish For Kids is coming in October.  On the 20th, we will be at the Midport Church in Port St. Lucie.  If you are anywhere within driving distance you need to bring your kids, ages 5-14.  I have attached the flyer.  On the 21st we will be at the West Palm school and at Sawgrass School on the 22nd.   Both of these days are school day for the kids attending the schools.  If you are anywhere near either of these schools and would like to bring your kids, let the principals know.

There is a really cool app available if you have an iPad.  It is called “Numbers Gone Wild” and was written and illustrated by one of our teachers-Louise Hendrickson.  The cost is $1.99.  Check it out in the App Store.

Are you working on getting your background checks done?  You will hear more about it at the convention.  If you can’t come for the weekend, please show up Sunday morning to hear Arthur Blinci from Adventist Risk Management.  Our children are our greatest blessing.  Let’s protect them!

NAD Children’s Ministry  and Kid’s Ministry Ideas have posted some of the certification courses on line.  Go to and sign up.  The courses currently offered are:

GraceLink in Small Churches, Bible Learning Activities, Faith Development, Understanding Grace, Temperament, Learning Styles

There is a new game in town!  Yes, the Game channel (GSN) has a new program-The American Bible Challenge.  I have only seen previews, but it sounds interesting.  And the contestants play for charity.

Don’t forget the week of prayer for the homeless family VBS for next year.  We need you to pray that we find a location.  Sept. 2-8, 7-8 AM and 9-10 PM have been set aside to pray for God to lead us to the right location.  We claim  Matthew 18:20.

Nancy Van Pelt will be in the Avon Park area Nov. 2-4.  She will be in Florida for the rest of the week and would like the opportunity to present in the Orlando area Nov. 5-10 or part of that.  You can go to her website at and check into what seminars she can provide.  Then get back to me and let me know what and when and we will go from there.  She needs to know within the next week or 2.

Biblical Parenting will be in the central Florida area Nov. 10.  Here is the info:

Cooperation, Consequences, and Keeping Your Sanity

Presented by Bob and Joy Chambers

Saturday, November 10

9:00 am to 2:30 pm

People of Faith

228 Windermere Road

Winter Garden, Florida 34787

To learn more about this seminar, click here.( ) A children’s program is provided to complement what the adults are learning. The cost is $30 per couple, $20 per adult. Lunch will be provided. Sign up online at or call (407) 877-3937.

You’ll learn practical ways to move from a behavior modification approach to a heart-based approach to parenting in the everyday routines of family life. These tools and ideas are for parenting children ages 2-18.

This seminar is provided by the National Center for Biblical Parenting and is a practical, biblical approach to working with kids. You’ll be grateful you attended because you’ll go away encouraged and equipped.

I need to get this posted at then add the attachments.

Until next time, God bless,

Attachments Follow:

GF flyer

VBS report 2012

Splinks for August 19th 2012

Splinks for Aug 26th 2012


Sept 2012  Inspired Newsletter

flyer midport  Go Fish For Kids Midport

Rhoda Burrill

Florida Conference Children’s and Family Ministries

407-644-5000 x136


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FYI 08-23-2012

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August 16, 2012

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Yesterday passed so quickly that I didn’t have the time to get this email out, but better today than not at all.

Last Sabbath I spent the afternoon at the Maranatha church in Miami Gardens.  I was privileged to have 4 hours to spend expounding on creative worship that you can do at home, in Sabbath School, Pathfinders, Adventurers, and AY.  I had fun.  And what a great group of children and youth leaders.  This week I actually get to go to my own church and teach Primary and tell the children’s story.

     I have been preparing for the Go Fish Leadership Convention.  Lots to do.  Get your registrations in soon.  The staff and presenters have been working on great things.  Don’t miss out.  I have a lot of good materials for you-     Children’s Ministry Magazine, K! Magazine, Group Publishing resources, Psalm 91 books, and so much more.  My give-away box is overflowing.  I have had to add a second box.  If your number is called and you are not there, someone else will be blessed.


Background checks!!!  Get them done soon.  On January 1 you don’t want to come up short because you delayed.  That is your deadline to have all those working with kids to have their background checks DONE, not just getting   started.

VBS reports are due.  I need to post them to the NAD Children’s Ministries site.  You will find the form below.

About the Homeless family VBS for next summer.  We are running into road blocks.  When that happens, it tells me we really, really need to do this.  I am in need of a location that is convenient for the families and has space to run a VBS.  I have talked with a prayer warrior and this is what we need to do.  We need 7 days of prayer, or as she put it, 7 days to Jericho.  Beginning Sept. 2 and going until Sept. 8, we will set aside 7-8 AM and 9-10 PM as a time of prayer and asking God to lead us to the right location.  Before that time I will send you a list of promises to claim each day.  This is God’s work and He will show us the way!

Until next time, God bless,

Attachments follow:

GF flyer

VBS report 2012

Background check FL Conf Background check Form

Code of Conduct and Guidelines for Volunteers  For all volunteers

Splinks for August 12th 2012


Sept 12  Parent Link

No Shame on You!

Warm Volunteers

Strongman Relay

Free Worship Session for the Children of Your Church

Game On  From Children’s Ministry Magazine, May-June 2012

Additional materials for Game On

Game on info

game on drawme

game on superspinner

game on wisdomquestb

game on wisdomquesta

game on tosstalk

game on complimentcube

game on thinkagain


Rhoda Burrill

Florida Conference Children’s and Family Ministries

407-644-5000 x136


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FYI 08-9-2012

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August 8, 2012

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Yes, there are 2 full moons in August. We begin and end the month with the beautiful light in the sky.

The fall convention is coming and really fast. Will I see you there? We have great seminars and workshops planned. I met with the Florida Hospital people this week to firm up the event. We are blessed to be able to use such a beautiful facility. If you haven’t been to Florida Hospital Creation Conference Center, now is your chance. And the Comfort Suites across the street is so convenient. They are offering a special rate of $79 per night. Each room can take up to 4 people. That can make it $20 a night. When you register, be sure to say you are with the Go Fish conference.

The VBS season is winding down. Please get your VBS report in soon. I know it’s easy to put off (I just completed mine yesterday), but I need them soon in order to record the info with NAD Children’s Ministry.

The Facebook page for Family Ministries Church Leaders is now a closed group. You need to go there and request to join. This was done to afford people greater freedom to express their FM needs, etc.!/groups/famminleaders/434241466628210/?notif_t=group_activity

Background checks!! This is so important. I have attached the forms and will also post them on the news page of the website (  ). It is imperative that we protect our children. As of January 1, 2013, this will be required of all those who work with our kids—all areas. ADCOM has mandated that Florida Conference will implement the NAD policy. Get a head start so come Jan. 1, you will be ready. I was just reading in Children’s Ministry Magazine the following statement—“Sex Offenders Target Nonprofits Every 11.5 hours a registered sex offender attempts to obtain a position at a nonprofit organization! From more than 5.8 million background checks completed for the nonprofit sector in the last six years, more than 870,510 individuals (15%) with at least one criminal conviction attempted to gain employment or to volunteer with a nonprofit organization.” Source: LexisNexis. Folks, That is known offenders. What about those who are not known. Do you dare risk the safety of your children? Please get these background checks done!!

Lending library items that have been signed out for extended periods of time are needed. Check under the couch cushions, the bookshelves at home and church, under the bed-anywhere! If you see the Children’s Ministry label inside the cover, please get them back.

Now to a really great report. Check page 37 of the adult quarterly. There you will find a story of a church that has an active puppet ministry-not inside the church, but in the community. This was started by kids who attended Go Fish For Kids 2 years ago. On their way home they told their pastor they were going to start a puppet ministry. And they did. I will be posting it on Facebook x3 and the website. It make all the effort that goes into doing Go Fish For Kids every year well worth it.

Splink is having some issues-or rather my computers are having some issues. For some reason they don’t display properly on either my desktop or laptop. But is just fine on my iPad. So tonight I willtry my home laptop. Hopefully it works just fine there and I will post it to the news page.

Now, to get posting. Don’t forget to start on background checks. You can contact me with any questions.

Until next time, God Bless,

Attachments follow:

Background check FL Conf  Background check form requested by HR

Code of Conduct and Guidelines for Volunteers  For all volunteers

GF flyer  Go Fish Leadership convention

VBS report 2012


Talking Hands  Article about Puppet Ministry

6 Places to Find Teaching Inspiration

How To Talk To Kids About DEATH and TRAGEDY

Teacher3 Kids in North America


Rhoda Burrill

Florida Conference Children’s and Family Ministries

407-644-5000 x136


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August 1, 2012

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Another month has gone by.  The year is moving so fast. And the next event will be here before I am ready!

I have heard about so many Vacation Bible Schools, and all in glowing terms.  God has been blessing our churches, volunteers and children.  Send me your pictures.

There are several churches having their VBS over the next 2 weeks.  Send in your VBS reports.  And I would like to hear some exciting, inspiring stories.

I will be at the Adventurer Leadership Convention this Sabbath afternoon.  Hope to see some of you there.

The Go Fish Leadership Convention is just over a month away.  If you haven’t already, get your registrations in. I have attached the flyer/registration form.

Scott Turansky of Biblical Parenting, has started a ministry on Facebook.  Check out the group.  In Scott’s words: “new Facebook group for church leaders who are trying to actually do family ministry.” “ I plan to  start a church that is a Family Equipping Church to create a model of Family Ministry that others can emulate.”   You will find parenting help, sharing, questions and answers.  Experts in parenting, single parenting, blended families.

Are you looking for a safe Christian site with games and activities?      Check this out.

Do you remember Kirk Weaver from last year’s fall convention and IYM convention?   Here is a link to an e-training.

Background checks or all people in our churches who work with children will be mandatory as of Jan. 1.  Get a jump on it and start now.  Go to  and download the forms.  The cost is $10 per person and is to be done through our HR Dept.  Send them to the conference office attention Patty.  Be sure to include a check to cover the cost. A small cost to protect our children.  Those of you not in Florida Conference, send your elsewhere!  These will need to be repeated every three years.

I am still without many items from the lending library.  Check around your home and church to see if you have something you need to return to me.  There are some items out that have been requested by others and I can’t send them if I don’t have them.

I have 2 complimentary passes to Leu Gardens.  Let me know if you want them.  The one claiming the science museum passes is ineligible.

I will be posting some articles from K Magazine.  I wish all of you got this magazine.  I still have a few digital issues available.  Let me know if you want to be on that list.

I know I owe you a picture from our vacation.  It is hard to choose so I decided to show you puppeteers at work.  Enjoy.









I will not be posting this on the website until tomorrow.  Hopefully in the morning.

Until next time, God bless!!

Attachments follow:

VBS report 2012

GF flyer

Splinks for July 22nd 2012

Splinks for July 29th 2012


bulletin insert Aug 2012  Heritage Builders

Aug 2012  Inspired Newsletter

Alienpilgrimometry part 3

Curriculum Potholes

Principles of Child Development

The Savor Method

We Leak

Rhoda Burrill

Florida Conference Children’s and Family Ministries

407-644-5000 x136





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