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FYI 07/2012

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V-News 2012-07-19

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In this Powerpoint:
Pathfinder Leadership Con. – Aug. 5
Adventurer Leadership Con. – Aug. 3-5
Back to School Rally – Aug. 10-11
Creation Health Training – Sept. 14-16
Sports Leagues – Oct. 27
Volunteer Vacancies
ACM Retreat – August 31 – Sept. 3
High School Bible Retreat – Sept. 27-30
Union Pathfinder Camporee – Oct. 10-14
IMPACT South Africa – July 8-13, 2013
Young Adult Retreat – Aug. 31 – Sept. 3
Pathfinder/Adventurer Registration
Join ACM
60 Years of Pathfinders
12 in 12 Challenges
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July 18, 2012

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Well, I am back in the office.  Those 2 weeks went by really fast. We enjoyed our time away from the office.  The second week we were blessed with our daughters Jenny and Sarah and 2 of our grandchildren.  We plan to do it again next summer.  I would add a pic of the crew but they are on my home laptop.  I actually left my office laptop home-and I didn’t have withdrawal.  Probably because I took my travel drive with me.

You will not be hearing from me next week as I will be at Kulaqua for Ministerial Retreat.  We are expecting close to 100 kids for our programs.  I am so blessed to have fantastic staff.

According to my calendar, there are 4 churches doing VBS this week.  And that is just the ones I know about.  If you have your VBS scheduled, let me know.  I put it on my calendar so I can ask for pictures to post.  IF you have had yours, please email or Dropbox me your pictures to post on the website.

Biblical Parenting is coming to Florida.  The info follows:

Dealing With Anger and Bad Attitudes in Children

Friday, Aug. 17, 6:30-9 PM

Shiloh Baptist Church, 905 West Terrace Drive, Plant City

Cost $15 per adult or $20 per couple

Sign up at or call 813-752-8345

Everyday Parents CAN Raise Extraordinary Kids

Sat., August 18, 8:45 AM-2:30 PM

Faith Assembly

9307 Curry Ford Rd., Orlando

Children’s program provided

Cost-$25 per person, $40 per couple

Sign up at or call 407-275-8790

Don’t forget to register for the Sept. 14-16 Children’s Ministry Convention.  The flyer/Registration form is attached.

Now to get this sent and posted on the website at

Until next time, God bless.

Attachemnts follow:

GF flyer  Children’s Ministry Leadership Convention

GF poster  Children’s Ministry Leadership Convention

Splinks for July 8th 2012

Splinks for July 15th 2012


Aug 12  Parent Link

bulletin insert July 2012  Heritage Buliders Bulletin Insert

Background check FL Conf  Background Check form for Florida Conference

VBS report 2012

A Different Ministry

How to get shy or withdrawn children involved in the classroom experience

What About My Family


Rhoda Burrill

Florida Conference Children’s and Family Ministries

407-644-5000 x136


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PAC Minutes 7-10-2012

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