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June 26, 2012

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I know we needed the rain, but shouldn’t it be shared with Colorado and Utah?  We need to pray for those in the paths of the fires and those who have lost their homes.

I will be on vacation July 1-14 and then to the ballgame on the 15th.  Hope to see many of you there.  If you have not yet decided if you are going, you need to make that decision soon.  This weekend is the last day to get tickets at the special Florida Conference rate.  I was on the phone a few minutes ago with the Tampa Bay Rays rep.  He said that he can take calls for tickets even early next week.  I have attached the flyer so you have Bob Windheim’s contact info.  Hope you can come, and I won’t hold it against you if you cheer on the Rays.

With VBS season upon us, it is very important that background checks are done on the VBS staff.  I have attached the form that HR has requested we use to make it uniform throughout the conference.  I will be posting it on the website also.

I have 4 complimentary passes to the Orlando Science Center.  If you are interested, let me know.  They expire Sept. 30.  We have annual membership and enjoy going there, with or without little ones.

The Children’s Sabbath material is ready.  You can find it at  I will also be posting the material on the unrestricted resource page of the website.

I look forward to getting pics from your VBS.  I will post them on the department Facebook page and on the website.  Go to the department Facebook page and see VBS, VBS workshop, and campmeeting pics.!/groups/151494638203093/  I enjoy seeing how different churches use the same VBS curriculum.  There are a lot of creative people in our churches working with our kids!  Check out the  website and share it with your VBS kids.  I made a flyer to send home with our kids.  It is attached.

We are still planning on doing a VBS for homeless children next summer.  After my vacation, I will be searching for a site.  We will be doing SKY.  If you are willing, I would love to have your church donate any craft or inspiration station items that you have left.  It doesn’t matter which VBS program you use.  We will take anything-well, almost anything.

The Go Fish Children’s Ministry Leadership Convention will be here sooner than you think (or maybe I should say, sooner than I think).  Reserve the dates and reserve your room at Comfort Suites.  We got a good rate from them.  Each room can accommodate 4 people and there is free breakfast.  When you call, mention Go Fish to get our rate.  You can find the info and the flyer at

Here is the general info:

Training for anyone working with children.  Seminars include:

GraceLink Workshops for Beginners thru Earliteen

Praying For Our Children with Deborah Harris

Child Safety and Abuse Prevention with Art Blinci from Adventist Risk Management

Inclusive Worship with Barbara Newmann from CLC Network

Begins Friday evening at 7 PM and goes thru Sunday, 11:30 AM.

Registration is $60 per person. Includes Convention and 3 meals.

Lodging can be arranged at Comfort Suites, 2416 N. Orange Ave. Orlando, FL 32804, 407-228-4007


I must get this posted on the website and add the attachments.  You won’t hear from me until the week of July 16.  Have a great July 4 holiday.


Until next time, God bless

Attachments follow:

Splinks for June 24th 2012

Splinks for June 17th 2012

Splinks for June 10th 2012


Florida-Conference-of-SDA-2-main1  Tampa Bay Rays Game

FLConferenceofSDAYouthMinistries  Tampa Bay Rays Game

July 2012 Inspired Newsletter

July 12  Parent Link

Continue Sky Vacation Bible School at home flyer

Background check FL Conf  Background Check form for Florida Conference

children and pornography  Check out their webpage:

Top 10 Outdoor service Projects for Children

Enough for now.

Rhoda Burrill

Florida Conference Children’s and Family Ministries

407-644-5000 x136


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FYI – 06/2012

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June 6, 2012

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Yes, it is really raining and we need it so badly.  I hope it is raining at home.

Well, our Sunday Resource Give-away was a success.  Many were able to take advantage of what was available.  I had people from churches, schools, Pathfinders, Adventurers and Day Care facilities.  I am glad that so many were blessed to be able to shop for free.  It will definitely make the move to another location much easier.  There are more resources available, so maybe after the move and I do more sorting, I will repeat the event.

I have been busy getting ready for VBS.  We start Monday evening.  I have been blessed with so many in the church stepping up to serve.

I know the Go Fish and Go Fish For Kids mailing got to their destinations.  I got calls and emails regarding  a major error.  Guess I need a proofreader before the printing-not after.  The date on the Go Fish poster was for 2013!  I have corrected it on the flyer that is posted on the website and the one you can download from last week’s email on the web.  Sorry ‘bout that!  But a marker really is a quick fix.

If you are planning a VBS, be sure to get background checks done on your staff.  They should be done through the Conference HR Dept.  Please call or email if you have any questions.  You can find the forms at

Did you sign up for the Group daily bargains?  I opened my bargain email this morning and they had Gabbit on sale for $1 each!  Of course I immediately went to the sale page and they were already sold out!  And the email was less than ½ hour old!

If you are doing Sky for VBS, Group has their 4Everybuddy website up and running.  Check it out and pass this on to your VBS kids.

Now to get this posted on the website at

Until next time, God bless

Attachemnts follow:

Splinks for June 3rd 2012


GF poster  Fall Convention poster

GF flyer  Go Fish flyer/registration form

FLConferenceofSDAYouthMinistries  Tampa Bay Rays Game

Florida-Conference-of-SDA-2-main1 Tampa Bay Rays game-Go Red Sox!!

VBS report 2012

bulletin insert June 2012  Heritage Builders

Watch_Jesus  Family Time

Keeping Current

Whats Happening To These Kids

Whats Happening To These Kids


Rhoda Burrill

Florida Conference Children’s and Family Ministries

407-644-5000 x136


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