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Math Initiative Kicked Off!

by on April 20, 2011, under Education

On April 19, a high-spirited gathering of math enthusiasts put their heads together to discuss ways to raise student achievement in math throughout the Florida Conference. Resources and presentations are posted on the math page of our wiki, with more to come. (See:   Here are some of the “big ideas” that guided discussion:            

 “Algorithms should result from a student-owned process of discovery and understanding.”  James Davis,Walker Memorial Academy

“Math can and must be learned by all students. That means high expectations and strong support.. . . Math without a context is no math at all.” Dr. Veon Stewart, Greater Miami Adventist Academy

“Math has to connect and apply, with a sequential, patterned plan from PreK through High School.” Claudette Harding, Orlando 

“Less is more. We need to pare down what students need to know and track their mastery.” Carol Myers, Georgia Cumberland Conference  

“Teachers need to be conscious of their own attitude towards math, the functioning of the brain and the math culture they are creating.” Dr. Tony Shaw, Orange County Forensic Psychologist

“We must show our students different ways to work problems so they know why things work.” Almibar Cruz, New Port Richey Adventist  School      

“In a multi-grade setting, if a student can already do something, let him move on.” Stephen Herr, East Pasco Adventist Academy  

In a small school, technology must provide another venue for practice.” Frances Young, Gainesville

Demonstrations and recommended programs included:  Kari Wasmer, Indigo Christian Academy Tony Shaw, Forensic Psychologist, Orange County Schools   Carol Myers, Georgia-Cumberland Conf Rachel Fuentes, Forest Lake Education Center (“Hands-On Equations”) Luis Cortes, Greater Miami Adventist Academy James Davis, Walker Memorial Academy James Davis, Walker Memorial Academy Mayra Rodriguez, Florida Conference








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