Congratulations on being chosen to present your church to your community and to the World Church of Seventh-day Adventists with particular concern to Florida Conference.

The duties and responsibilities of the Church Communication Director are many and varied. Do not let the number of items alarm you, as many of them do not need to be done simultaneously.

To begin, pick the items that you are most comfortable doing from the following list, and add additional items to your schedule as you become better equipped and proficient:

  1. Report church activities to the secular press.
  2. Watch secular press for opportunities for the church to participate in discussions on matters of current concern.
  3. Cover church activities for radio and television:
    1. News.
    2. Public service announcements of church programs.
    3. Placement of special people on interview programs where possible.
  4. Write and help with the writing of letters to the editor on matters of church concern as opportunity permits.
  5. Serve as a source of information about the church for communication media.
  6. Become personally acquainted with newspaper editors and station program directors, news editors, and public service officers of stations.
  7. Encourage good station relations, especially where a local station is carrying one of the church’s radio or television programs.
  8. Discover feature possibilities in the local church and make them available to the press.
  9. Assist in promotion of annual radio and television offerings.
  10. Work with the Church Ministries Council in planning follow-up for interested persons discovered through the radio and television programs of the church.
  11. Check appearance of the church and bring problem spots to attention of church board.
  12. Make sure the church is identified by an exterior sign appropriate to architecture of the church building.
  13. Make sure the church can be found through listings in local directories and use of church highway direction signs. Check the condition of the church lawn sign to make sure it is up to date.
  14. Help with special events, giving special attention to public relations aspects.
  15. Lead the planning, production, and operation of exhibits at local fairs or elsewhere when the church can fit in effectively.
  16. Encourage members to view and/or listen to our denomination’s broadcasts.
  17. Serve on the Church Board and Church Ministries Council.
  18. Report special church events to the Conference Communication Director for possible use on the web site and/or in Southern Tidings or Florida Focus.
  19. Take photos or arrange for photo coverage of church activities.
  20. Consult with pastor and departmental leaders of the church before releasing news that includes matters in which they are involved.
  21. Produce a small church newsletter giving announcements and activities of the church which can be sent to former members as well as to present.
  22. Lead the organization of an annual Community Relations Day. This is a good time to thank civic leaders, police, firefighters, and other civil servants who serve during the year.
  23. Maintain a church bulletin board if this task is not assigned to the church secretary.
  24. Produce a monthly calendar of church activities if this task is not assigned to the church secretary.
  25. Cooperate with the church membership officer to encourage members to have their current address on file with the conference so as to receive Florida Focus, Southern Tidings, monthly Adventist Review, and other information.