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Life on Fire

A weekly short video series to help you live a life on fire for Jesus.

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Florida Focus

Selected stories are also published in the quarterly Conference magazine, Florida Focus. Download issues in Acrobat PDF format from our Online Publications page.

Florida Conference in Mission

Florida Conference in Mission is a monthly video series sharing stories from throughout our membership of people reaching people.

Bright Spots in Florida Conference

Bright Spots in Florida Conference is a video series that shares stories of pastors who are leading transformations in their churches.

Adventist News Network

  • Archives, Statistics, and Research Report
    Membership Audits and Losses
  • Seton Survived Ebola, but 12 Missionaries Gave Their Lives
    The Adventist Church pays tribute to workers on the front lines of mission.
  • A Day in the Life of a Nominating Committee Member
    The experience is called a sacrifice but is also a rewarding opportunity to see the Holy Spirit in action.
  • 2,500 Adventists Run for Their Lives in San Antonio
    5K Fun Run is a family affair that underscores the Adventist health message.
  • GC Delegates Drop E-Vote
    Delegates voted on Sunday to not use electronic voting at the General Conference (GC) session after repeated tests of the system failed to yield accurate results. General Conference president Ted N.C. Wilson took to the stage after lunch on Sunday to lead delegates in a final test of the e-vote system. “I would encourage everyone who has this device to use it,” he said. Delegates were asked to stand and hold up their voting devices for a physical count. Then they were asked to stand and press…
  • Updated: Nominating Committee Report
    Associates for Secretariat and Treasury elected
  • FULL TEXT: 2015 GC Session Treasurer's Report
    Editor's Note: Robert Lemon, outgoing treasurer for the Seventh-day Adventist Church, delivered the 2015 Treasurer's Report for the Seventh-day Adventist Church Friday, July 3. God Is Faithful—His Promises Are Sure Ever since Wayne Hooper wrote the words and music for the General Conference (GC) session theme song in 1962, “We Have This Hope” has been an Adventist favorite. We have had other GC session theme songs over the years, but this song has been a part of every session that I have…
  • Wilson Interview: “It’s A Very Humbling Experience”
    Reelected president Ted N. C. Wilson talks about the burdens of his role, getting more sleep, handling disappointments, and what he will focus on in the next five years.
  • Ted N.C. Wilson re-elected as GC president
    Wilson accepts the new five-year term with “quiet respect and humility.”
  • FULL TEXT: 2015 GC Session Secretary's Report
    Editor's Note: G.T. Ng, secretary for the Seventh-day Adventist Church, delivered the 2015 Secretary's Report for the Seventh-day Adventist Church Friday, July 3. The Seventh-day Adventist Church began with a handful of Millerite Christians trying to make sense of the Great Disappointment in 1844, when Jesus did not return as expected. This small band of faithful members refused to give up their faith. They shook off their despondency and resolutely obeyed the biblical injunction to prophesy…

Mission to the Cities

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Nurturing Life
A collection of devotional practices to help you know God's design for a life of abundance.

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John 8:36July 6, 2015
So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.

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